photo series 352-01

photo series 352-01

195 images starring Suzy
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Several months after her bathroom bondage session, Suzy came back in Paris. She arrived late on friday evening and lived her first session with another girl on saturday. The day after, sunday, we took my car for a two hours drive … last time, we got a problem to shoot in the house of Diane. We wanted to kill the bad feeling about this failure. This time, we brought everything to suspend Suzy in the bedroom. She started to be bound at 3:00PM wearing her own black lingerie. Browsing the photo series, you will notice there was a cool atmosphere : Suzy was smiling and her eyes were sparkling. 3:25PM : one leg in the air and we explore several angles and options for taking pictures. 4:00PM : Suzy took her bra off during the small break we did because she was uncomfortable with my ties. I had to build another ropework for a better result after she has been released. 4:07PM : the leg is suspended again and Suzy is comfortable with the ropes, we can go ahead and she’s suspended two minutes later. 4:15PM : Suzy moved in the air and impressed us taking the position used as preview picture when the photo series has been published. Because of Facebook censorship, I prefer to post a portrait of Suzy captured before we started our kinbaku session. Back to the suspension, I shot her body going up and down while she was suspended and you should like it. 4:30PM : she’s back on the floor and I change the ties before to suspend her again for a while. We took another break and I invited Suzy to go on the bed of Diane : I thought about a funny position, just to make a joke and, finally, the result was so nice I decided to let her legs up, spread and bound to the bed. Last time, Suzy got a small spanking but that day, I decided it would be more intense. 05:34PM : I take my camera back, Suzy is tied to the bed for 20 minutes and her bum has been changed to a nice red color. Meanwhile, Diane got a private lesson and discovered how to whip a bound girl using a short rope length. Suzy enjoyed the situation even if that was painful for her bum. 10 minutes later, she has been untied and had to assume some positions … like a good pet exploring her taste for submission. You should appreciate the spanking marks visible on her ass in the end. Many thanks to my friend Diane for the shooting location !


shot on 2010, May 02
published on Captive Culture


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