photo series 343-02

photo series 343-02

45 images starring Suzy
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Second week-end with Suzy : after a saturday full of emotions, we decided to finish our sunday in the bathroom. I had some old jute ropes which were fluffy, then, I decided to use it with water. Of course, I knew it would destroy the ropes … don’t expect being able to untie your girlfriend after this ! You will have to cut the wet ropes and tight knots. No need to mention Suzy has never been bound in water before. On this series, Suzy had to manage the transparency of her lingerie … don’t be shy Miss, it was a pleasure for our eyes ! In the end, Suzy also had to say “good-bye” to her panties and she liked it. As usual, my candles created a nice atmosphere, the bathroom very hot but Suzy enjoyed the situation. That’s always cool to shoot a girl sharing her fantasies. My role is to make it real respecting her limits. At this point, Suzy was following her way and started to give a little more to my lens. She was really motivated and it helped to get better pictures. At the result, we captured a nice series with a simple idea : being bound in the water. Shibari is always playful, even more with wet clothes !


shot on 2009, December 14
published on Captive Culture


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