photo series 282-01

photo series 282-01

115 images starring Mina
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Mina has been the first one to be shot using my brown background … after the pin-up time, my japanese ropes started to bite her smooth skin and the vibrator helped her to cum. At this period, I was tired about white backgrounds and I tried to play with colors since a while. For this photo series, I used the lighting conditions tested two years before with Vivian Ireene Pierce. I knew a lot of members had a crush for the “full light” style then I turned off one light for few shots only. It helped to create a warm atmosphere with deep shadows and that’s more exciting for my photographer’s eye. About bondage, I decided to remain in the pin-up theme and played with arms and legs restraint before to make the situation less comfortable for Mina. I brought the magic wand vibrator, a red ball-gag and some nipple clamps. You will notice I got a cool idea for her panties : using a rope, I stretched the lingerie, nicely exposing her pussy but not enough to hide it from some angles. I love this kind of game, that’s more sensual because your imagination is in demand. It’s also interesting for the bound girl, she has the feeling to be exposed but your art is still classy even if the action is real and erotic. Of course, I captured a small video about the vibrator time, but, for now, you will only enjoy the pictures. Have a nice week-end !


shot on 2007, June 09
published on Captive Culture


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