photo series 290-01

photo series 290-01

105 images starring Angelina
available to download


I was really happy to welcome Angelina for starting that year. Nice surprise : Angelina appeared with a nice haircut, I asked her to let her hair natural for the day. I never shot that girl using this setting before. I wanted to mix her pale skin and hair color with the brown background. I took the time to prepare a session which could please my model. Angelina was crazy about baby pink then I thought this lingerie would be appreciated. I guess you should also like the reverse prayer variation built before to immobilize Angelina on the leather furniture. After that, I decided to change the rope basis for a classic one with breast exposed and lotus position for these beautiful bound legs. I really love the result : Angelina looks like a human sculpture tied for eternity. If only my work could be so nice each time I take my camera ! To avoid any problem with censorship on the social networks, I used another shot as preview picture but be sure the full session is more explicit.

shot on 2008, January 06
published on Captive Culture


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