photo series 336-01

photo series 336-01

85 images starring Eskarina
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Second bondage for Miss Eskarina : it was time for strict ties … shibari rules ! She discovered rope bondage one year before. I did something easy to bear for her first time. I got lot of work with my websites and the Shibari School project. Time passed : I didn’t contact Eskarina for months and she did the same. One day, I got an email from Eskarina explaining she would like to do another session : it was a nice day idea because I had the same desire. She asked for another shibari time and when she arrived at home, Eskarina told me we could try strict ties. I got the nice surprise to see my model comfortable in my ropes … of course, she had to manage her breath but she didn’t complain about it. I love when a girl asking for ropes is able to understand this game implies some pain. Eskarina took the right way. Like this, I have been able to build a complicated and creative ropework. If you liked the photo series done previously with Anaïs and Angelina using the same setup, you should love this one too. We did two different positions plus a small bonus in the end adding more knots to the crotch rope. We got a very nice day together and my photography is what I like : the color harmony is good and my model looks happy with those ties. Last but not least, I found how to get natural attitudes from Eskarina without speaking all the time. I simply turned some music on and it worked nicely … if you watch the whole set, you can see Eskarina moving between shots !

shot on 2009, September 26
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 336-01”

  1. This is a very beautiful photo shooting. Eskarina is so natural and authentic and such a cutie with her contagious smile! All tied up with a beautiful rope work. Also nice and yet simple with her hands behind the back and tied to a crotch rope. Every try to get out should be a pleasure to her.
    Thank you!


    1. when I met Eskarina, her smile catched my eyes. It was really interesting to shoot that lady and let make her try some new activities like rope bondage.


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