photo series 313-01

photo series 313-01

90 images starring Amélie
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Do you love french girl in cage ? It was the second time for Amélie and I had a new ball-gag harness to please her mouth ! The day before this shooting, I decided to install my lightbox over the cage sending sharp and hard light from the top. I got that idea one year before for a video shooting we never did with Anaïs. But I changed something using a softbox and a black background behind the cage. I knew the contrast would be a little too high on the skin but I wanted to capture the shadows and this atmosphere. Since three months, I was working on the right way to fix problems encountered with my Nikon D300 for studio shooting. After the dark zones, I enhanced the grey tones and the color saturation too. I was also fighting on sharpness which wasn’t good enough. I partially solved this issue using a better filter on my pro lens to work the cmos sensor. Then, I became more comfortable and have been able to focus my work on my ideas and framing. I would never tried that kind of shooting configuration if I wouldn’t begin to trust my camera : the contrast between dark and light areas was a trap and I wasn’t sure about the result. Finally, it worked great even if everything is not perfect. Amélie was looking nice in the cage and we shot a lot of pin-up pictures before to record the action on video. After being gagged, Amélie started drooling and I got the idea to make her clean the cage : using her hands first before to be cuffed … then she had to use her feet and it was really fun to capture. I didn’t want to do lot of things in the cage with the same girl so I got the idea to shoot 3 different photo series using the same setting with 3 different girls. We could name it a triptych, each part making an echo to the other one. As I explained on my old blog, Amélie in the cage is the first part, focused on the ball-gag restraint. You will notice Amélie got a new tattoo during that summer and I love the harmony of those lines on the left side. You will also appreciate the ball-gag harness made of purple leather : this item has been made on request by Heiko and has never been used it before. I included this colored harness to give a nice touch to the scene. I hope you will love it !

shot on 2008, November 22
published on Captive Culture


photo series 314-01


photo series 315-01

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