clean your cage

clean your cage video

30 minutes starring Amélie
available to download


Today, I think you will like to watch the video related to photo series 313-01. Do you remember Amélie wearing a ball-gag harness while she was locked inside the metal cage ? It was one of the three sessions around the same idea with Mina, Graziella and Amélie. She has been the first one to discover the situation which has been explored differently for each girl locked into the cage. You have to know my photo studio is cold during the winter … even more when you use only one light to create a special atmosphere and it helped to put my model into the appropriate mood. I decided to install my lightbox over the cage sending sharp and hard light from the top. Amélie has been encaged for two hours, the time needed to capture enough pics & vids for Captive Culture. We focused this session on the ball-gag and that cleaning of the cage. I think it was enough for Amélie who wasn’t used to be shot on video for this kind of submissive games. As you know, Graziella was bound two weeks later and Mina got ropes, nipple clamps and ball-gag harness within the same month. 3 sessions focused on those encaged girls which could be designated as a triptych, each part making an echo to the other one. If you want to know more about that day, I invite you to read my commentary on the photo series page checking the link available after this blog entry. As usual, click on the download icon to get your free archive, save the zip file on your device before to uncompress it and enjoy the video !

clean your cage

Amélie visited the cage before but that day was different,
she was locked inside while every move was recorded on video.

Being encaged isn’t so fun when you have to clean your space,
even more with the ball-gag harness forcing you to drool …
I think you will like to watch Amélie exploring the situation.

shot on 2008, November 22
published on Captive Culture

photo series 313-01

2 Replies to “clean your cage”

  1. Amélie is adorable, she is so sexy and cute as she is tickled. You are able to create a fun torement that shows her as a sexual creature even as she is tasked to clean her cage – and then your joy becomes her joy as she tries to escape her gentle torture – would be a fun party presentation

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    1. thank you Vickie … the cage is a beautiful space but a nightmare for a producer, it’s not easy to picture using it and there is not a lot of things to do when the girl is trapped inside. I did some rope bondage inside but I didn’t took this way with Amélie thinking the ball-gag would be enough. That’s cute but maybe too soft. My regret is through all these years, we talked about locking two girls in the same cage but I never did it. I am sure that situation would have been interesting !


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