the first session of Amélie

Let’s talk about the first session I did with Amélie. Another year was beginning and I had the pleasure to meet this french pin-up during the christmas holidays. At this time, I started to do a photo test before to work with any new model. So, I already knew the modeling skills of Amélie : that’s why I planned a full afternoon to shoot two photo series. That’s not difficult to guess who Amélie is … if you watch the videos we made, you can feel she’s a nice person, the kind of girls I like : natural beauty, elegant without being fake, clever & funny. She was there to work nice & get more pics for her collection : even if we have never been close, we did a lot of photo series together. Student, Amélie was used to model for glamour & gothic photographers : she was a newbie into the BDSM universe but she understood the essence of our world. We were in the busy years of Captive Culture : I was shooting every week and my assistant was there to help the new models. Amélie needed some advices but she was experienced enough for a solo session.

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