photo series 277-02

photo series 277-02

90 images starring Amélie
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Back in 2007 : that day, Amélie wanted to do a pin-up shoot with her new corset from Deadly Girlz … she brought some nipple pasties as a tribute to the burlesque universe. Of course, this lovely woman was also there to be bound as the perfect damsel in distress she loved to play … my commentary shouldn’t be long because I don’t have much to write about this photo series. We shot it after another set focused on latex fetish with Amélie wearing her asian dress for Latex Culture. I wasn’t having a good day and had too many unrelated ideas in mind. While preparing this blog update, I noticed a lot of bad choices in my framing and angles … Amélie was very cute and looks nice in this photo series, but I was a bit lost with this shooting configuration. First, I used my old lighting method to change our routine : direct light, no softboxes. So, white is white … maybe too much, and that chair didn’t help : we had to use this furniture, but it wasn’t looking good enough. In fact, this period was full of weariness for me, but also for Anaïs. We were shooting a lot since she became my muse, but we didn’t take the time to rest and think enough. For the little story, this session was shot shortly after Anaïs changed her hairstyle, and I tried to find the best way to manage the situation for my productions because it changed a lot of things. Besides this evolution, I was thinking about my own motivation for this kind of photo shoot focused on latex fashion : my home had some limitations, and something simple could become a tricky exercise. Several years later, I understood there were too many opinions interfering with my own vision : as a leader, I had to listen to the ideas coming from my models and assistants, but sometimes it was better to follow one way. That day, Amélie, Anaïs, Alain and I were not pushing in the same direction, and maybe that’s why this photo series isn’t as good as it could be. At the moment, it is difficult to understand and grasp what we are not doing correctly : on my side, I didn’t take enough close-ups and missed some interesting shots, but it happens, and you always notice it too late when the session is over. Anyway, I hope you will like these pictures. As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress the zip file on your device, and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to browse this session online … that’s all for today : have a nice weekend !


shot on 2007, April 14
published on Captive Culture


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  1. This was another great session with Amélie. She looked sensual in her outfit before and after she was bound and gagged.

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