photo series 316-01

photo series 316-01

40 images starring Noémie
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Let’s share another photo series shot for Lady Femdom : Noémie came back to my house five days before christmas … I had recently finished my triptych of french girls in cage with Amélie, Graziella & Mina. In this end of 2008, which has been more interesting than expected, I was focusing my energy on the photography & the way to enhance it. One year before, I lost Anaïs as muse and it got some consequences on my work : the rythm of production decreased while I was searching a way to think differently this adventure started in 2000. I had a lot of questions in mind including about my websites : this session with Noémie has been one the last photo series shot for Lady Femdom which stopped being updated on 2009 … I don’t remember exactly when but the decision to stop LF has been probably taken around this period. It was needed to save my time & think about the evolution of CC & LC : I talked a lot with Noémie that day because we shot one set in the afternoon only. We installed the yellow lighting to create a warm atmosphere and decided to use the beauty & style of Noémie dressed with one corset with a g-string made of PVC like her high heels boots. I knew Noémie would make it as dominant goddess because that’s how she started during our first session 18 months before … do you remember Noémie wearing a semi-transparent catsuit ? You can check the related posts below if you need a reminder. Her tattoos were looking so nice through the latex outfit used for the photo series 276-02 : it was already one session shot for Lady Femdom. Noémie has the style & attitude needed to be a dominant woman even if her personality is much more complex than one unique role. Beyond the skilled model, she was already an artist with her own universe and it was pleasant to explore this imagery from a different angle, with this clever woman, her natural beauty & body modifications. I think there are several interesting pictures in the set reposted today : it was a bit like a preview of the sessions to come in 2009 & later … the relation with my models slightly changed when I started to work alone with them most of the time : there was a better connection & it was easier to capture each situation more naturally. Your partner gives more to the lens when she feels your attention and everything become more intense without anyone else in the room. That’s what I understood when there was no more assistant to work with me : the best sessions of this transition year that was 2008 have been done while my model & I were together. That’s how Captive Culture & Latex Culture evolved during the last years and became better than ever on many aspects. Anyway, back to this shooting day with Noémie : as I said, we talked a lot, before & after the photo series. I checked my archives and we took few pics that made me remember one idea turning in my mind : at this period, I needed to try some different things as photographer and we tried to see if we could shoot with one lamp of my living room … of course, it was too dark for the sensor of my digital camera but it bring me the desire to find a way to shoot without any professional spotlight : sometimes, you have to take one hour to think about an idea but, later, it became a reality. That’s what we did with Noémie : she has been under the lamp for this light test & I started to scratch my head for a while. Several weeks after this saturday, I found how to do the “beyond the lights” sessions which brought some fresh air & one new playground to explore. The holidays season helped me to solve several questions and our following session with Noémie benefited from one of these answers. I found a way to get a better lighting in my bathroom mixing the candles with a LED lamp able to generate the color temperature needed. So, one month after this Lady Femdom photo series, Noémie got the pleasure to play with Graziella for the pictures you probably know. One nice duo session shot for Captive Culture available on my blog and listed in the related posts below … that’s all for today, I hope you will like this photo series with Noémie as the dominant goddess. As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress the zip file on your device, and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to browse this session online. It’s time to wish you a nice weekend !


shot on 2008, December 20
published on Lady Femdom


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