photo series 162-01

photo series 162-01

60 images starring Sylvia + Dana
available to download


Time travel today with this photo series shot for Latex Culture in 2004 : several weeks before, I stopped using one bridge camera for my sessions and this change had been a sweet revolution … the Nikon D70 wasn’t a professional device, but it brought more quality and some improvements to my work. If you want to know more about this period and my first shooting with this DSLR, you will find in the related posts one archive session with Dana but also the photo series shot for Halloween : each set benefited from this change of camera, and I was sure to take better pictures with my models now. We planned to shoot on November 11, but we changed our planning for Sylvia … she’s one of the French girls who accepted to model in my early years as a fetish photographer. I am happy to repost this photo series on the blog because Sylvia deserves to be among these lovely women who actively contributed to Captive Culture and Latex Culture through the years. She went back in front of my lens after several months away from the spotlight : Sylvia was a student when I met her, but she quickly became a teacher with a busy life … the two girls already knew each other : they did the 100th shooting day together, which was a milestone celebrated with a memorable duo, even more so for Sylvia who discovered the BDSM universe during our sessions. More than two years after her first time in front of my lens, I was still the same, but my rhythm of production changed a lot and the websites were growing fast. In 2004, we went to Las Vegas for BondCon and to London for RubberBall with Dana : I was shooting every week with a lot of new models, but my philosophy didn’t change … Sylvia needed to feel comfortable, and I organized a relaxed session for her : the idea was to undress this lovely woman before putting on a latex outfit. Do you know something better than a strip poker game to begin this set with two girls playing together ? I remastered this photo series a few years later and included some pictures that were not in the initial release … that’s why you will see more of Sylvia before the card game begins. We probably shot these images to test my lights and settings while Dana was busy with her make-up and clothes. For the little story, Dana provided the cards bought in London because my own were a bit old … we had a nice afternoon together, and I bet you will like the harmony between the two girls. No need to mention the beauty of Sylvia looking so cute with her smile : being dressed in latex wasn’t new for this lovely woman who did the first outdoor session for Latex Culture in 2002. After this set in my living room, the two girls went to the bedroom to shoot for Dana’s website. That’s all for today … I let you discover the photo series now and hope these pictures will please your eyes. As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress the zip file on your device, and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to browse this session online … I wish you a nice week-end !


shot on 2004, November 10
published on Latex Culture


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