photo series 303-01

photo series 303-01

55 images starring Eskarina
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As you probably noticed last week, this blog isn’t alone anymore. I decided to build new blogs for Captive Culture and Latex Culture, which have been reactivated after WordPress terminated my account. I started to repost my pictures and videos on the original websites for a better user experience. This will keep me busy and focused on something other than my health issues. Anyway, these blogs don’t change anything for this one : I will continue to update ilovefrenchgirls, which has been like a rescue boat after the shutdown of CC & LC in 2016. Let’s share today another photo series published on Lady Femdom … it was the second session with Miss Eskarina, who enjoyed to discover latex clothing for her first time under my spotlights : if you want to know more about this lovely woman, have a look to my commentary by checking the related post (295-01) located before the comments section. As explained previously, 2008 has been a transition year for my photography : I was trying another way to work & explored several ways for the shooting configurations. Miss Eskarina tested this dark set-up several weeks before Amélie (304-01) and this delay between these two sessions reveals how my production got a slowdown at this period. I don’t have a lot of memories about that day : we shot in my living-room which was split into two different zones for each set scheduled in the afternoon. Since our first time together, Eskarina changed her hairstyle, choosing one black color which was interesting with this background … before starting, we talked a lot and tried to find some clothes for the dominant woman. Under the classic office outfit, skirt and jacket, Miss Eskarina was only wearing some french lingerie. We tried the full black option, adding some beautiful stockings : I knew my model didn’t have a lot of experience and this role wasn’t natural for her. Eskarina loves to smile but, here, she tried to avoid these lovely expressions we captured a lot during her first time. You will probably enjoy these legs while she’s switching to another pair of nylons … the right way to keep Eskarina active in a set-up which was narrow and didn’t allow much movement. Being a photo model is never easy but that’s even more complicated when the photographer adds some restrictions due to the shooting configuration. We did some nice pics even if the whole set is a bit short … after this warm-up, we had to shoot another photo series using a catsuit for Latex Culture and I knew Miss Eskarina would need more energy for our main set. I hope you will like these pictures playing with the dark tones. When I shot Amélie in this set-up, we used some colored lingerie to get a better contrast. As usual, you can click on the download icon, uncompress the zip file on your device, and enjoy your viewing. My archives are also viewable by clicking on the magnifying glass icon to browse this session online. It’s time to wish you a nice week-end !


shot on 2008, April 26
published on Lady Femdom


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2 Replies to “photo series 303-01”

  1. Hi. I hope I’m not bothering. I wanted to ask you something about these images.

    You use JPEG compression, right? Have you ever tried AVIF compression? I just did and the size of your images dropped from 34 MB to 6 MB. But I’d like to know if you think there is a quality loss. Here is a link:

    1. Hello John … you’re right, I use JPEG compression & always did it. In the beginning of digital camera, there is no other option : later, the RAW format has been available but it was too time consuming for being operational at this period. I was focused on my production and the time machine needed to work with work was a problem for me. So, my whole archives are natively in JPEG and change it for another format wouldn’t make a difference because of the source quality. Nowadays, there are a several ways to get something better without loosing too much details, I didn’t test AVIF but it probably works nicely.

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