photo series 160-01

photo series 160-01

85 images starring Bianca + Eve
available to download


Happy Halloween to Everyone … let’s share one special photo series shot long time ago for this event ! I organized one session with Bianca & Eve thinking the contrast between these two girls would be interesting. Indeed, dressed in red latex and high heel shoes, Bianca was looking like a tall goddess. On the opposite side, Eve was only wearing a lingerie set, nothing sophisticated for this story. We started with few pictures outside : Bianca found Eve, the hitchhiker, on a road. The story continues inside with Eve trapped in a cage : Bianca changed her casual clothes for a fetish outfit and Eve is only dressed with her underwear. If today, I don’t like this kind of story anymore, I must say the whole series was nice. The captive girl is slowly going down, following the orders of a beautiful Mistress. Bound on the floor, trained to kiss and lick her shoes before to be gagged. The finale is one of the rare scenes suggesting a dramatic ending : when she was searching a driver, Eve had a cardboard sign with the “Paris” word. In the end, the cardboard has been changed as “victim” … I wanted something dark for the Halloween session. This photo series has been long to shoot but I took the time to play with my camera. When I released the whole set, I was proud of those pictures. As I wrote on my previous blog, my photography started to become better during this period … more details, more depth of field, more sharpness. That’s what I like to watch on my screen and I hope you will like it !


shot on 2004, October 23
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 160-01”

  1. I think the series of photos is beautiful (although the kind of the storyboards may have changed over time and it´s the evolution of the site). Bianca as a tall dominatrix looks stunning in shiny red latex hugging her curves. On the other hand, Eve also looks very cute in rope. Her asymmetrical bondage in one scene is also something different and not commonplace. A nice detail I like is the lockable ball gag. She can’t remove this gag (but the ropes and gag look great on her).

    1. yeah, that’s the charm of a story … it stimulate your imagination but limit your creativity as photographer. Eve was the perfect victim for this kind of script and Bianca had the style for being a crual goddess with an angel face !

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