160-01 behind the scenes

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 001

more about the session …
Dana, my assistant, talking to Eve


Let’s share more with “Behind the Scenes” pictures about this session with Eve and Bianca. Back in 2004 for our annual tribute to Halloween : the storyline was found by Dana who worked nice during all this day. She did the make-up of the two girls and helped Eve to feel more comfortable with the situation. I didn’t have a lot of pictures to share, maybe because I was more focused on the production than talking or joking with my models. I was using one new digital camera and wasn’t totally comfortable with the Nikon D70. That day, I tried to play with some elements located in my background to play with the depth of field … I did some good pics but there were also some bad choices or weird angles. Anyway, I have been satisfied about this photo series at this period of my photographer’s life because I was feeling that my work was ready to evolve using this camera. Photography requires a lot of time to find your way … there were several steps that I had to go through during all these years but I remember each of them. If everything wasn’t perfect that day, I know this session has been one those which helped me to go forward. I checked my archives but there was no backstage video to share about this session. I wish you a nice viewing and hope you’ll like those images. Today, you will get only 10 pics downloading the zip archive … as always, you can check the related link below to know more about the session or watch the original photo series.

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 002

It’s almost time to be gagged

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 003

… but we changed our plans!

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 004

That position was more playful

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 005

Bianca trying to save Eve’s back

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 006

Dana, could you lock this gag?

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 008

Relaxing & comparing our height

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 009

Let’s try without your shoes Dana

160-01 behind the scenes - picture 010

LOL we have to go on lovely ladies


shot on 2004, October 23
published on Captive Culture


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