photo series 235-02

photo series 235-02

65 images starring Anaïs
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Yesterday, when I started to browse my archives to choose which photo series would be reposted on the blog, my eyes has been caught by this orange catsuit. I remember that latex outfit has been used for Halloween 2003 with Eve & Dana. So, I thought it will be nice to share this photo set with Anaïs captured in 2006. She requested to be bound using leather straps and a latex catsuit … Anaïs loves ballet shoes too but I have also added one surprise : the vibrator between her legs ! We shot on January, 28 and it was our first shooting with her new haircut. Few days before, Anaïs asked for my opinion about the fringe and I was totally agree with her decision. We did this session after one set that some members really enjoyed : do you remember when Anaïs was playing the bound student working on her homeworks ? Maybe not because I didn”t release this one on the blog yet. If you joined Captive Culture before the shutdown, you probably see what I am talking about. That’s it, after a first long time in my ropes and several orgasms, we decided to go on harassing her body and nerves with the hitachi magic wand … my main goal was shooting video but I also took a lot of pictures while the camcorders were recording the action. No assistant, I had to manage everything and that wasn’t always easy with these leather straps which were too strong and too long. We got several minutes of video including one behind the scene : Anaïs got a phone call from her boyfriend while she was bound and I brought her phone close the ear. It was very funny, I love this kind of situation ! What could I say about this catsuit ? I rarely used it, maybe three or four times, but it was a good idea to mix the orange latex with the brown leather. It gives a nice mix of colors and an interesting contrast to the whole set. Moreover, Anaïs was in her dark red hair period and it helped to get a nice color harmony. One last word about the photo stuff, I just got back my D200 after Nikon fixed the back-focus problem and it was only my second time with this new camera. At the result, some pictures were a bit too dark but I partially solved this issue using photoshop … there are some good shots and a lot of interesting expressions on the face of Anaïs into this set. I love the pictures shot in the end, when the vibrator has been turned off. She looks so exhausted after this last orgasm ! As usual, I hope you will enjoy those images : you can preview this photo series clicking on the magnifying glass below. If you like it, download the zip archive on your device before to uncompress it. I wish you now a nice week-end and happy halloween !

shot on 2006, January 28
published on Captive Culture


photo series 263-03


photo series 245-01


photo series 239-01

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