the first session of Amélie

Let’s talk about the first session I did with Amélie. Another year was beginning and I had the pleasure to meet this french pin-up during the christmas holidays. At this time, I started to do a photo test before to work with any new model. So, I already knew the modeling skills of Amélie : that’s why I planned a full afternoon to shoot two photo series. That’s not difficult to guess who Amélie is … if you watch the videos we made, you can feel she’s a nice person, the kind of girls I like : natural beauty, elegant without being fake, clever & funny. She was there to work nice & get more pics for her collection : even if we have never been close, we did a lot of photo series together. Student, Amélie was used to model for glamour & gothic photographers : she was a newbie into the BDSM universe but she understood the essence of our world. We were in the busy years of Captive Culture : I was shooting every week and my assistant was there to help the new models. Amélie needed some advices but she was experienced enough for a solo session.

Amélie has never been bound before : I got the chance to make her discover the ropes during the photo test mentioned above. She was comfortable with bondage and that was a nice surprise. Most of the time, glamour models didn’t appreciate to be tied but Amélie has no problem with the idea. However, I thought she wouldn’t be trained enough to spend the whole afternoon shooting bondage pictures. That’s why we started with a glamour photo series : Amélie was playing the Mistress dressed with casual clothes & sexy lingerie before to change for something more appropriate. Like a lot of girls, she was interested about corset & fetish clothing … as you can see on the last image, she was looking nice wearing some PVC. That’s never easy to start alone in front of the lens but Amélie found the right way to do it. She also listened carefully the words of Anaïs, my assistant who was very efficient to share her knowledge with the new models. After this starter, we were able to play with ropes & latex.

It was easy to get the idea of a latex outfit for Amélie : she was looking like the perfect pin-up wearing an amazing outfit made by Torture Garden clothing. I wanted something simple & easy to understand. We used a chair to suggest Amélie was a secretary bound at work. That year, the style of my pictures changed a little bit : I started to use black background instead of white walls … I wanted to show something different after six years of glamour bondage. At this time, I was still searching the right way to do it but that’s clear this baby pink outfit was working better with a dark background. Anyway, back to the pictures. Amélie experienced three bondage positions in a row : tight elbows in the back to start. She was comfortable with the ropes, then I have been able to immobilize her on the chair too. After this, I changed the position of her arms, still bound in the back. I did a nice ropework playing with her toes : she enjoyed the idea … slowly, Amélie discovered the glamour bondage which was looking so funny could be strict too. Anyway, she didn’t loose her smile and she enjoyed the situation. That’s because she was still comfortable that we continued to play. I always liked the portrait pictures we shot that day : her lovely face associated to the vision of her breast … that was looking innocent & erotic in the same time. Of course, the sexy pin-up also got the pleasure to be gagged before we finished the session. If you follow this blog, you already know Amélie lived a lot more shooting together but that’s nice to remember she started like this !


shot on 2006, January 14
published on Captive Culture

photo series 233-02

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