photo series 233-02

photo series 233-02

95 images starring Amélie
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Let’s share the beginning of Amélie as the sexy secretary in latex … it was also her first time in ropes ! It’s always a pleasure to make discover bondage to a cute girl. I guess you will love these pictures. You want to know more about this session, here is the comment written on 2006. Amélie is a french amateur model who loves work for aesthetic pictures including fetish, gothic, and pin-up style. I decided to tie Amelie in different positions to make her comfortable : as I said, bondage shooting is new for Amélie and she needs to learn how to deal with pain and the best way to play with her face. It’s difficult for a model to find the right expressions : playful but weak without looking “too much” afraid or happy. I like the face of Amélie like her beautiful long legs. I had something in mind and tied Amélie in this unescapable bondage position. I spoke about her body and face but I didn’t mention something important … Amélie is really cool and it’s pleasant to work with she. I realize how the situation has been intense for my model : after the first position with tight elbows in the back, we changed for something more complicated. That’s how Amélie experienced the reverse prayer position during her first bondage session ! We took the time to let her enter in our universe shooting a glamour photo set before but she was really comfortable with my ropes. It helped a lot to get better pictures and dig into the action very quickly once we started shooting this photo series. That’s why we did so many sessions after this first experience !

shot on 2006, January 14
published on Captive Culture


photo series 238-02

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