photo series 321-01

photo series 321-01

110 images starring Clara
available to download


March 29, 12:39 PM : Clara discovered my apartment … and the bathroom where we started the bondage session. 10 minutes later, her arms and hands are tied in the back. I never tied Clara before, she understands my ropes are tight ! She made me choose the black satin nightgown : cheap outfit but good enough to be bound. I add one rope around her throat before to expose her left breast while Clara is able to watch herself in the mirror. I love when the girl is able to see the ropes enclosing her body. She now exposes her two boobs and I was kind enough to remove the metal nipple clamps … it sounds Clara is not trained and the pain was too harsh. I change my plans and use black clothespins : I love them and I bet you like it too ! Now Clara is bound and pinched, she can moves to the kitchen and watch through the window before to test my work space. I am surprised by Clara : she’s really comfortable with ropes and doesn’t look shy … I begin to play with her panties before to make her walk to the living-room. Curtains are wide open but we don’t care about it … Clara already knows my sofa, she’s now testing it being bound ! She has really nice legs and I am pleased to shoot them : I decide to build another ropework to play differently : arms tied behind head, the position will be quickly exhausting. Clara is now ready to show more about herself : the panties is moving to the ankles … I am sure you will love picture #5276 and probably #5280 : Clara is looking outside, people walk in the street … they even don’t know we are there, behind the second floor window. We continues to chat and Clara speaks about the big vibrator I use sometimes for my videos. She is curious to see it … I bring it and start to immobilize the magic wand using another length of rope. Clara looks surprised when I turn it on : you asked it, you got it … that’s how she digged into the Captive Culture universe. As always, I wish you will enjoy those pics after you clicked on the download link.


shot on 2009, March 29
published on Captive Culture


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  1. Yes, like you, I would like to read the mind of my models and know what they think during and after the session. That’s special to meet one man in his house, talk a little before to undress yourself and let him tie you as he wants. We moved into the appartment, testing several options and that was funny to play with ropes, continue our talk and capture some memories using my camera. I got a good contact with Clara and it helped to make her live some interesting situations after this first time.

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