photo series 321-02

photo series 321-02

40 images starring Clara
available to download


March 2009, Clara came for her first photo session with me. We started playing “beyond the lights” before to do more ropes under the studio lights. You can know more about it checking the related link available after this blog entry … I gave more details about that cool day in my commentary. Back to the second set of our afternoon now : because Clara has not been shy during this warm-up so I decided that she didn’t need any underwear with the kimono. I used some ropes as blindfold before to take the waistband to blind Clara : it was looking better with this piece of silk. Because Clara didn’t have a lot of experience, I wanted to help her to be focused on the ties instead of my lens. I did something classic for me, mainly because she got to deal with tighter bondage during the previous set. We got a kinky time together and I shot some nice pics with this playful girl. At this period, I shot many sessions using the same background in a short period. That day, I proposed one of my favorite setup to Clara shooting in front of the brown curtain. We used exactly the same kimono and colorspace than the photo series starring Noémie shot two years before. That’s always interesting to see the variations between similar sessions with different girls : of course, every shooting is different, there are too many parameters able to modify the result. I hope you will like these pictures … as usual, simply click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice viewing.


shot on 2009, March 29
published on Captive Culture


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3 Replies to “photo series 321-02”

  1. Both Clara’s 321-01 and 02 are fun sets. She is a darling model, and this one loves her camera presence. You allow her to be revealed as a true delight as you present her in coy poses – first revealing her lovely firm breasts and end with your pleasuring her equally lovely pussy enjoying the vibrator. This one always enjoys the eroticism of a model sharing the delight of your masturbatory skill with the impressive vibrator. What one of us cannot relate?

    1. thank you Vickie … indeed, it’s always appreciated when a girl gives so much the first time. Clara was there for her pleasure and not only for getting some pics, that’s a rare gift that I have been happy to receive from she.

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