the first session with Greta

Back in 2000, November 18 … 22 years ago to the day ! Let’s share some memories about Greta, my first muse. I met her when she was under 18 and we had to wait before being able to organize her first photo session. I often use the word “first” but that’s important to my eyes. Your feeling is always stronger when you do something new : that’s the same when you shoot a woman for the first time. You know that her state of mind is different : she’s curious, nervous, excited and even more. As a photographer, the pleasure is also this exploration of an unknown territory. In the case of BDSM photography, you are not only exploring the body of your partner but also her secret thoughts. So, one week after her 18th birthday, Greta caught my eyes and seduced my lens … for me, this shooting has been the real start of Captive Culture with two photo series and several nice pics of this gothic girl also known as Lorelei before she changed her nickname for my website.

Greta was one of those girls interested by the world of sadomasochism : she was really kinky for a young woman and she gave me a lot … today, it’s easy to find a model for bondage photography but believe me, things were different in year 2000. I didn’t meet a lot of girls who were excited to be bound in front of a camera. Beyond my universe, this lovely girl finishing her last year at the high school was also addicted to sex. However, she still had a unique and refreshing personality which made me curious. I didn’t forget that Estelle, one employee of a famous adult store, helped me to meet Greta around a drink in a parisian coffee. I carefully listened Greta talking about the things we love and there was a link between us … it has been the beginning of our adventure. 

That’s nice to think she was comfortable enough to trust me. Of course, we had no real experience and I was still discovering how to organize one photo session. That’s funny to think that 22 years ago, we captured these fetish images in the apartment of David, one coworker when I was a manager in the DTP industry. I remember all the time that Greta needed to prepare her body in the bathroom : she didn’t want to show something bad to my lens. Naturally, we started slowly using the clothes and lingerie brought by the one who became my first recurring model. She stripped slowly and after a while, I immobilized her arms in the back with some bondage tape. She wasn’t shy and even accepted to get some smacks on her bum. Of course, I wasn’t the same guy than today so all this has been very soft … anyway, you can understand that the situation was also totally new for me ! After this, we shot another set : Greta was dreaming about latex then I bought one corset and some stockings to please her needs. It wasn’t perfect but it was hard to find such outfits in France at this period … she was so happy to be dressed like this ! We ended on the bed playing with one rope but I was a noob … Greta accepted to be gagged but only for few pics. Not a problem for me, I knew there would be more sessions together and that’s what happened.


shot on 2000, November 18
published on Captive Culture


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  1. This enjoyed very much the photo series of your submissive Greta. Darling girl, and delighted that she was introduced to the lifestyle when younger, (this one was 12) early exploration and openness is its own reward. This one is sure you both found the rewards exciting and tender. It is a wonderful lifestyle. Sancho’s slave and mother of four wonderful Dominants

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