photo series 006-03

photo series 006-03

50 images starring Greta + Kat
available to download


Back to 2001, March 18. Let’s continue to explore the first shooting with two girls for Captive Culture. After the second photo series shared recently, it’s time to have a look to the third and last one. It has been a long day but we took the time to switch roles as explained in my previous post. Greta changed her short latex dress for a longer one. I still like this outfit which was simple but also very sensual. You have to know that Greta discovered the unique feeling of being dressed in latex during her first photo session with me and she loved it. Then, Greta was really happy to wear this dress and play with Kat who wasn’t co-operative : kneeling in front of the 18 years old girl has not been easy for the experienced model who was also a teacher in her daily life. I had a nice toy in my suitcase : Kat didn’t want to lick the dildo. Greta found the solution and put the rubber toy inside the mouth of the blonde woman. We catched a powerful and popular picture for the early years of Captive Culture. After this, Kat has been bound using leather straps … she was looking really gorgeous and you can enjoy her body shape on the last picture used to illustrate this blog post. I captured this nice moment when Greta is going to gag Kat before to spank her bum. As I said, my muse wanted her revenge and she got it ! After this, the two girls left the apartment with lot of memories and feelings to think about … that’s what I love to bring to my models beyond some pics for their collection, one kind of human adventure which help them to explore their secret thoughts safely. I hope you will appreciate to watch those old pictures even if , the image quality isn’t great. We were so limited by the hardware at this period, that’s crazy to see any smartphone is able to capture everything nowadays compared to the first digital cameras. Anyway, I don’t share it for the photography but as a testimony of my story started 21 years ago.

shot on 2001, March 18
published on Captive Culture


photo series 006-02


my blonde slave

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