my blonde slave

my blonde slave video

29 minutes starring Lola + Ambre
available to download


2003, November 19 : the last time, Ambre made discover the submissive side to her friend Lola : after a while, the two girls went back for another female domination session. I wanted something more sexy for the Mistress … do you remember the long dress made of purple latex used to shoot Greta in the early years of Captive Culture ? I was sure this could be the perfect outfit for a dominant goddess … this simple dress wide open on the sides were simply amazing. As you can see on the sample, it reveals the body shape in a sensual way. Of course, Lola was in position to watch the intimacy of Ambre while she was bound on the floor. I decided to share one image of the Mistress using her slave as human furniture because I still like the story told by the situation : if you watch carefully, you can see a chain linking the ankles to one collar. That day, Ambre slowly continued the training of Lola : foot fetish, shoes licking and metal restraint allowed us to shoot some nice pics & vids. I remember the two girls enjoyed to play like this, there was something weird & fun to explore domination between friends in front of the camera … but if Ambre was a little bit shy previously, she was looking stronger that day. She took the control of the situation and teased her submissive in several ways. Mainly because we were recording the video : they were not only modeling, they were also playing for real. I understood that day we could get better pictures shooting live action … that’s why I started to make more videos after this session. It was the right way to make the girls more comfortable with my lens. I wouldn’t say this movie is perfect but I am sure you will to watch those nice girls who participated to the Captive Culture adventure when I was still learning how to produce quality content for my website. As usual, you can get those video files into a .zip archive and watch it on your device when the download will be completed. I hope you will like it … that’s all for today !

lick, honor & obey

Ambre invited Lola to live an exciting afternoon …
welcome to slavery my friend !

You will kiss my feet & lick my heels. Your ass will be my footrest.
I’ll touch you. As a pet, you will drink in a bowl. You will be gagged.
I’ll smoke over your body immobilized with chains. You will love it.

shot on 2003, November 19
published on Captive Culture

photo series 053-01

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