bad training ? hot wax !

pony girl 02 video

44 minutes starring Dana + Ambre
available to download


Do you remember the early years of Captive Culture ? Dana experienced a lot of things in front of the camera and we enjoyed to share her exploration of the BDSM universe. For our 124th shooting, she has been nicely trained and teased by Ambre. 2004, March 31 : after three sessions with the brunette as the Mistress, I was sure this afternoon would be nice for Dana. I decided to shoot photo & video of the two girls who got a nice feeling playing together. As reminder, one year before, Dana nicely explored the facesitting situation using Ambre as an obedient slave licking her crotch : I believe that Dana was a little bit anxious about the revenge of this goth lady. Both girls were dressed in latex : black & red lingerie for Dana, only dark clothes for Ambre. We had no time to waste because we had to do another photo series for Latex Culture after this one : that’s why the story started with Dana bound & gagged. Ambre got all the time to tease her kinky friend before to release her from the ropes. Back on the floor, Dana was able to honor the Mistress kissing her shoes and licking the heels … before to be trained to walk like a dog. Oh, I remember she didn’t like the situation but it was cool to record this scene on video ! Dana wasn’t proud to wear a collar with a leash … and obey to the orders of Ambre who was watching her ass while she was turning around the room. Dana even got the pleasure to try to walk like a ponygirl as a reward. But, I must say that we was expecting something better from the queen of Captive Culture. So, we used this idea to immobilize Dana in the end and decided to use some hot wax. It was the first time that Ambre and Dana were playing to this game. Both girls were not comfortable with the situation but, of course, the submissive was less relax than her Mistress. Finally, Dana has been waxed and we recorded another nice sequence … she lived an exciting afternoon full of challenges ! For the little story, I was waiting for a specialist who had to finish something in my kitchen which has been recently installed on the first floor. Of course, that man arrived while we were shooting. He didn’t see anything because the door of my studio was closed but it was funny to continue the session while he was working upstairs and could hear our talks through the wood floor of this old house. I bet this guy would have been really interested by those two women in latex … don’t you think so ? Of course, like a lot of my movies, the result is not perfect. You can’t imagine how this kind of scene is difficult to capture, even more in a small and empty space. I used my grandmother’s chest of drawers which was stocked into another room and which will became my office later. At this period, I didn’t move into the house yet and was only using the garage that I changed to photo studio in 2002. As a fetish lover, I would dream about filming a pony-girl on the seaside but I had to deal with some limitations. We were located near Paris and there was no budget to travel and organize this kind of shooting. Anyway, the two girls were looking nice dressed in latex and you probably still like to watch the curves of Dana & Ambre. I remember that Dana wasn’t really comfortable with some actions like the shoes licking, she was proud, yes, but she was also a maniac about germs. For example, Dana never stood on the subway ramp to avoid contamination. That’s logical for me too but it was interesting to see how it could affect her own life in every situation. Dana was always clean and that was an essential point for me. But, beyond her own nature, one strong mind into a beautiful body, Dana was also a woman who was used to be served and not to be used. So, there is no doubt that she lived something special under the spotlights, walking on the ground like a lovely pet. As I already explained in a previous blog post, the relationship between models was an interesting mix of love & hate sometimes changing because of our kinky games. It was nothing more than a genle rivality, sometimes accentued by the age difference between them. You can easily understand that a woman doesn’t like to receive orders or being humiliated (even if this concept has always been edulcorated in my work) by a girl who is younger and less experienced than she.  There was a difference of 6 years between Ambre and Dana : that’s not a lot but every model is worried about the opinion that some people could have about the situation. It’s naturally increased when you are into the domination – submission universe. We also love this power exchange for the questions behind the action. You can guess the psychology impact of those games is important. The, you can also imagine the powerful combo obtained when you mix it with the impossible quest followed by some women or models. Looking nice through the years is more than a challenge, that’s an obsession for many of them … the importance of ego and self-estim is a never-ending source of frustration. Dana modeled later with Anaïs or Diva who were almost 10 years younger than my second muse. I have already explained what happened when we did one halloween session with the three ladies. If you don’t see what I am talking about, you should read the blog entry related to photo series 222-02. I am not talking like a specialist, please apologize if you feel that my words are wrong but that’s how I lived it by myself watching and talking with my models. Anyway, it’s time to conclude this commentary. I hope you will appreciate to watch this power exchange between these fascinating ladies. That day, and many others, Dana slowly discovered what the word submission implies and I can imagine her thoughts after each playful session, waiting for the next one … and that’s was probably the same for Anaïs or Suzy several years later but that’s another story ! As usual, you can get those video files into a zip archive and watch it on your device when the download will be completed. I hope you will like it … that’s all for today ! Feel free to leave a comment if you want to share your feedback.

bad training ? hot wax !

Ambre already trained Natalya few days before,
she thought Dana would be a good ponygirl too.

Bound and gagged, Dana is released to honor Ambre
lick, kiss before collar and leash to be trained.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for her Mistress !

shot on 2004, March 31
published on Captive Culture

my blonde slave

4 Replies to “bad training ? hot wax !”

  1. very enjoyable as a mostly sub this one would love to be enjoyed servicing MS Amber especially when she removed her latex tanga


    1. happy you like it … I would even say that Dana was “bootyful” on this video. Her lovely bum is almost hypnotic while she’s moving on the floor !


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