photo series 238-02

photo series 238-02

100 images starring Anaïs + Amélie
available to download


Searching one photo series to share before xmas, I thought this set mixing red and green latex would be nice. We were on 2006 and we shot those images after Amélie got bound to start our afternoon. Anaïs had enough time to prepare herself and we splitted it in two parts. First, the girls modeled together showing theirs outfits. Anaïs was dressed with one red catsuit while Amélie got the latex straitjacket. We were still trying to introduce our kinky games to Amélie who started fetish modeling recently. Then, one month after her first session, she discovered the unique restraint of a latex straitjacket before to live another experience. On the second part, Amélie has been enclosed into the vacuum bed while Anaïs was teasing her trapped and naked body. I am not totally satisfied about the pictures we made because this thing is always difficult to photograph but there are some interesting angles and images. After a while, we decided the two girls would switch their role. I guess Anaïs wanted to try the vacuum bed too … in the end, you will notice I brought the magic wand vibrator to tease her. The next saturday, she went back into the vacbed for a long and memorable session focused on sensory deprivation and orgasm control but that’s another story. Back to the photo series with Amélie : as explained previously, we wanted to show her the kind of content we were producing for my websites at this period. Anaïs recently discovered the magic wand and we decided to propose this toy to the others girls who would liked to be bound & vibed. Anaïs and I were close enough to preach for the religion of kink and show this way to my models. We did it shortly and catched only few pics. Amélie watched the scene and Anaïs got nicely teased with this sample of our future photo & video session. She was already thrilled about the experience and waiting for more. I hope you will like to watch those two lovely girls exploring their taste for latex fetish : download your free archive, unzip it and enjoy the view … of course, I wish you the best for xmas, stay safe and have fun !

shot on 2006, February 19
published on Latex Culture


photo series 238-01


photo series 239-01

4 Replies to “photo series 238-02”

  1. I’ve always been a sucker for a beautiful woman in a tight straitjacket, and here is Amelie in a latex straitjacket. What a wonderful Christmas gift! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too 🙂

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  2. Along with the session of Amélie in a latex straitjacket, I was waiting for you to upload the session of Amélie in a vacuum bed. What a treat to learn both took place on the same day. Do you remember how Amélie felt after each session?

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    1. I’m happy you got an extra gift for xmas with this photo series … about the feeling of the model, that’s always difficult to be sure about her point of view. Mainly because our roles and goals are different and also because one man is rarely able to read the mind of a woman. I remember the important facts, when the girl talk about her mood or if anything worried me about the session and how the girl was looking in the end. I was used to debrief if my model lost her smile which could happen after a long day of work and her tiredness. It was almost the beginning with Amélie who came back many times for shooting then I imagine she has not afraid about what she lived or watched that day.


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