photo series 335-01

photo series 335-01

105 images starring Emrod
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Several models contacted me during the previous summer … I liked the profile of this french girl : she was living in Japan for a year and was going to come back in France. So, because she got some shibari experience with japanese people, she decided to contact me to please her need for ropes. You can easily guess when a woman will be pleasant to shoot and I quickly understood this first photo session would be playful. Emrod arrived in the middle of the afternoon, she was late and a little bit stressed. I didn’t met her before. I must say there is something special to meet and bind the girl just after, even for she. Long time ago, I was used to do a photo test or simply meet my model another day but it was impossible to do like this when the girl was living outside Paris. So, after a talk in the living-room, we went downstairs and Emrod discovered the room where I love to do suspensions. No studio lighting, I just turned on the lights I use for the Shibari School meetings and the flash on my camera. Image quality is different, less sharp but more authentic for a playful session. Emrod was ready to be bound by the Captive Culture guy ! 30 minutes later, her arms and fingers was strictly tied, the one I love, the one I did with experienced girls like Anaïs or Mina … but since a while, I stopped thinking they need time to get the best of me. One day, one model told me “I’m not made of sugar, I won’t break” … for years, I thought that was wrong but, finally, I started to build my complicated ropeworks with newbies like Eskarina or Angelina … and this woman I didn’t know three hours before ! Emrod was comfortable with my ties even she told me bondage has never been so strict : I know my ties are tight, tighter than before and this fact is one of the reasons being bound is more interesting or exciting. I guess there is something strange to be tied in a strict way, feeling the power of restraint in good conditions. I know how to play with arms or boobs to keep the girl safe and Emrod got a sample about my skills when I brought back some clothepins. She’s buxom, I mean buxom in the right way : her body is sexy and her boobs are great for ropes. I mainly shoot thin girls and Emrod was a little bit anxious when she contacted me. Maybe she thought I wouldn’t like to photography her body. That’s true, I answered “no” to a lot of models unable to be dressed with XS clothes … but, sometimes, it’s cool to shoot another kind of beauty, another type of shape. I knew her face would please my lens and my mind enjoyed to play with a cool woman with curves. I loved the atmosphere but I also appreciated the photo result : we got some nice shadows using my black wall for the first time. Let’s back to the nipple clamps : I added two clothepins on each tit and got the nice surprise to hear she was loving this kind of games. I always love when a lady feels free to share her taste for something. It really helps to do a better session for she. Oh, I didn’t mention it but Emrod was already semi-suspended … I wasn’t sure about suspension and after a small check, I decided to be reasonnable for her first time, even more because she never tried it. After one hour, Emrod has been untied and we took a break before to go back under the suspension beam : first session, second bondage position … I took a bamboo to immobilize her arms in the back. Emrod got her hands tied before to discover another way to bind her breast : that’s the tie you can see on the preview picture above. Maybe you noticed the rope rope around her neck … like I did to Clochette the first time she has been bound by me. Emrod loves this kind of games too. No need to say she enjoyed every session shot for Captive Culture. We all love girls who have a crush for bondage, nipple clamps and breath control ! I finally exposed her boobs without moving the ropes : so, we got something rare on my blog … a busty girl happy to be bound. Last but not least, I brought my clamps back and added 8 of them on each breast ! You know how time is passing fast when you have fun, she could get more ropes but Emrod had to leave for an appointment. 8:30 PM … she was going to be untied, her eyes were sparkling even if she was tied with her panties down, nicely exposed to my lens. I liked to see her smile and those ropemarks, that’s a cool lady I met that day.

shot on 2009, September 25
published on Captive Culture


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7 Replies to “photo series 335-01”

  1. Emrod is a really sweet and authentic model.Those sparkling eyes and that goddamn smile! I would be very happy if you could show us other photo series of her! Thanks very much!


    1. Yes, we got a nice time and our first time has been so intense. She was really into te wish to explore her kinky side and I like it. I will try to add more sessions with she on the blog !


      1. As Chris said above, Emrod is beautiful his eyes and his smile give a lot of charm and glamour to the photos of this session.
        Also your rope work and your shots beautifully highlight her round curves that you rarely see in your models.

        Very beautiful work and beautiful harmony between the model and the artist.

        I look forward to seeing more of Miss Emrod’s sessions on the blog.


        1. I’m happy you like it … this session was a nice one mainly because it was our firet meeting and rope session the same day. Miss Emrod is a lovely woman, she’s funny, clever and playful. We got a nice time and that’s true it has been a start to show models with more curves than before in my work. We did only few photo series but I will try to share more on the blog.


  2. Hello, Santa Jerome
    Would we have the pleasure of you sharing more of Miss Emrod’s session with us for the upcoming Christmas season

    I’m intrigued to see your work with this model who as I said before is out of the “classic” standard
    This natural light and the black background of this session underlines so well with a lot of poetry Emrod, that I am curious to see what you could do in your other sessions

    Thank you for your work and your sharing


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