photo series 339-01

photo series 339-01

55 images starring Emrod
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Our first session together has been focused on japanese bondage : Miss Emrod was back at home to discover the latex bodybag … we spoke before the shooting and my guest wanted to play like a fetish model to begin this photo series. She was wearing one Voller’s corset that I bought to Léa several years ago. I used some leather restraints and one spread bar before to enclose Emrod into her rubber cell. You know that my photography was less and less focused on basic stuff like a white wall and, that day, I realized after this session that I shouldn’t take the easy way. Because we didn’t have lot of time, I started with something simple but there was no surprise or challenge for me using some cuffs or doing basic bondage. I must admit that the result is average, I wasn’t inspired during the first part of this set. But, when Miss Emrod has been enclosed inside the bodybag, the simple fact that she really enjoyed the situation gave me some ideas and woke-up my mind. It’s nevery easy to shoot this item made of latex, even more using a photo studio configuration. I did it in the bedroom several times and the visual aspect was looking much better. Anyway, Emrod got a lot of pleasure inside the bodybag … so much that I decided to let the girl enclosed while I was uploading the pictures on my laptop. So, because Emrod was having fun, I decided to change my plans and not shooting the second set : I came back and started to play … I brought some ice and teased Emrod with the coldness of this cube. She was discovering latex and probably never imagined that total enclosure would be so comfortable and playful. That’s true, you are like inside a cocoon and it’s easy to loose contact with the world ! After a while, I got a very good idea and caught my jute ropes. So, without leaving Emrod, I started to double her pleasure building a ropework over the bodybag … like this, I have been able to make her totally helpless and the visual result was incredible. I would like to do it again taking the time to check my ropes : that day, I made it quickly playing with Emrod. It’s very cool to move the girl and keep her under pressure with your arms and hands while she’s trapped and begging for more … we only have one regret : there was nobody to record it on video because we were alone in the house. I have been really happy that Emrod liked this experience mixing rope bondage and latex bodybag … it was really a unique moment, full of emotions and complicity. I keep a nice feeling about what we shared that day, sweet memories from the past, almost another life for me compared to my daily routine for several years now. That’s nice being able to update my blog today after 3 weeks going to the hospital every friday … I feel a little bit better even if my health issues will continue to be real : the results of my scanner and blood test are not so bad. I need to talk with my surgeon again to analyze the situation in depth. That’s all for now ! As usual, I hope you will enjoy those images even if my photography could have been better : you can preview this photo series clicking on the magnifying glass below. If you like it, download the zip archive on your device before to uncompress it. I wish you a nice week-end and enjoy the viewing !

shot on 2009, November 03
published on Captive Culture


photo series 335-01

4 Replies to “photo series 339-01”

  1. Thank you Jerome for sharing that stunning photo set. It is so full of emotions like Emrod is not only thrapped in a latex body bag from head to toes. It is so amazing to see her tied up additionally with Jute ropes over that bag hugging her curves and also adding a rope gag. She is so gorgeous!


    1. thanks again … I was unsure about the share of this session but several people including you wrote a positive feedback about my repost. That’s nice to read !


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