some (bad) news

I need to explain the reason why there is no update on the blog … last week, I started to feel bad, physically, not only mentally, and more than usual. If you follow me on twitter, you are probably aware that I am dealing with another health issue which is one of the consequences of my cancer. On 2017, February 02, exactly 6 years ago, I got the first surgery to remove the tumor. 5 days later, my surgeon had to do another operation because there was a massive infection killing me. It has been the start of a long fight that I won’t explain again … 2 years ago, at the same period, one big abscess appeared on my midline scar which is 30 centimeters long and I had to deal with several recurrences for 6 months. We’re now in 2023 and this thing is back.

Tomorrow afternoon, I won’t be behind my computer for the update. I will be at the hospital to talk about the situation with one surgeon. I would like to be positive but the calendar doesn’t help us, we are anxious, my wife & I. As you know, everything is more complicated nowadays in the healthcare system : even if France, there are a lot of problems since the COVID crisis. We are in the dark and we hope there is nothing too serious behind this another abscess. Because I lived a nightmare in 2017, the fear is inside me … I will keep you updated about this medical appointment scheduled tomorrow. I think it will be one step before some additional exams. For now, my only wish is to hear there is no hurry because this kind of battle deserves a good plan for a better result. Take care about yourself and the people you love, there is nothing more important !

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    1. thank you mate … I posted some news on twitter, the surgeon opened the abscess and put a drain. We have to wait now. One CT scan is on the way, I don’t know the date yet.

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  1. I think I can safely say everyone in the community here wishes you a safe and speedy recovery from whatever ails you, some of us might be a bit quiet but we appreciate you none-the-less.


  2. Dear Jerome,
    I follow your photos and your work for most of my adult life. Thank you so much!

    I sincerely hope that you will feel better soon! All the best!


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