263-01 bonus files

263-02 bonus files

08 minutes starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


Let’s share another zip archive with the videos captured while we were shooting the photo series 263-01 focused on power exchange and rope bondage. We didn’t record a long footage but you will probably like to watch these files related to the pictures already posted on my blog. We captured this situation when Anaïs brought the magic wand vibrator to tease Mina who was nicely bound and gagged. No need to mention the two girls previously played for one hour before we shot this sequence on video. I was used to capture the climax of a session using my camcorder like one cherry on the cake. You will hear the sound of my Nikon camera because we were also taking pictures. So, Anaïs vibed Mina but didn’t forget to continue the nipple play with her lovely partner. After several minutes of orgasm control, Anaïs stop and leaves the room. You know the story, Mina is alone for the end, bound and gagged, totally helpless on her chair with tight elbows in the back. What a nice fantasy mixing the bondage and fetish universe ! If you want to know more about this session, I invite you to read my commentary on the photo series page checking the link available after this blog entry. As usual, simply click on the download icon, save the file on your device, unzip the archive and enjoy these 4 short videos !

shot on 2006, October 20
published on Captive Culture

photo series 263-01

5 Replies to “263-01 bonus files”

    1. thank you mate … oh yes, there was no cheating between them and I, they were always happy to live the kink together in front of my lens !


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