blind love

blind love video

38 minutes starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


It’s time to share more videos related to the photo series 263-03 which has been the 7th full set added to this blog. At this period, I was unable to share my movies for two reasons. First, I was running out of space using a free hosting and I was also unsure about the reliability of Mega to spread my productions. Since 2017, the year I started to bring back my archives online, I got the time to verify this option was working nice. Second, I had to convert my videos to MP4 format for a better viewing experience because I didn’t use that encoding for my websites. That’s what I did after I posted the photo series with Mina and Anaïs on the blog – check the related links below if you want to watch those pictures … what could I write about the session ? We shot it after two sets focused on rope bondage and wanted to finish our day with latex fetish and sensual love. Mina and Anaïs were wearing a similar outfit except some differences. Anaïs got a full face hood without any hole for her eyes … she was blind and it made the situation more interesting. Mina was able to play with her friend and that’s what she did nicely. I have always liked the concept of sensory deprivation and this situation mixed this idea with my taste for sensual game between two girls. You already know that Mina and Anaïs shared a mutual attraction and I got the chance to capture it several times through our sessions. That day, Mina got the control and teased Anaïs with a lot of kisses and even more … she also had my magic wand vibrator to please her lovely friend. I hope you will like to watch those video files even if the sound of my camera and spotlights are too noisy. As explained previously, we shot the action live to capture this situation like it happened and the result isn’t perfect. Enjoy your download and have a nice week-end !

Mina playing with Anaïs

Both of these girls love to be dressed in latex
and each one enjoy to play with her friend … action !

Anaïs doesn’t see anything with this full face hood,
the front zip of her catsuit is nice to be teased by Mina.
Don’t you love french kisses and magic wand vibrator ?

shot on 2006, October 20
published on Latex Culture

photo series 263-03

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