latex layers

latex layers video

65 minutes starring Mina + Anaïs
available to download


It’s time to share some videos captured while we shot the photo series 279-02 … I invite you to read my commentary checking the related link displayed after this blog post if you want to know more about it. I have already explained a lot of things about this fetish session focused on latex enclosure and sensual love. It has been a long one for Anaïs and Mina : the footage duration is 65 minutes and, of course, there are some parts which are more interesting to watch than others. But, because the idea was to capture the dressing time, we did it step by step even if it could have be better with a another camera operator. I am used to say that video is more complicated than photography and that’s true, it’s difficult to give some rythm to a static or slow situation. Of course, it would have been better using some professional cameras but I was only recording with a regular tri-ccd camcorder which was pretty good when I bought it. The evolution of video devices was really fast at this period and I have never been an expert into this. We didn’t have the hybrid camera available yet … this would have been perfect to capture this kind of scenes. One bigger lens was required to do some close-up and play with the depth of field but, that’s life, I was more into photography than video production. I always like to capture the situations lived by the girls and share it like a cherry on the cake but I wasn’t skilled enough to be a film maker. Anyway, I hope you will like to watch Mina and Anaïs even if this movie has some imperfections. As usual, click on the download icon to get your free archive, save the zip file on your device before to uncompress it and enjoy the video !

enclosed into latex

Mina proposed a kinky challenge to Anaïs :
being dressed with several layers of latex under the spotlights.

Watch it step by step : catsuit, corset, stockings, gloves …
the heat became intense for Anaïs with those 3 latex hoods !
Wanna some magic wand while she’s immobilized with handcufss ?

shot on 2007, May 13
published on Latex Culture

photo series 279-02

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