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Jerome Duplessis

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Jerome Duplessis


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  1. I’ve followed your sites since you were on and I was using a 56kbps dial up connection many years ago. All your work is excellent but I particularly like the shoots and videos with Mina and Ana√Įs and all the stuff with latex ūüėÄ

    1. oh that’s really from the beginning … ls001 was one sub-account used to host more pics for Lesbian Spirit when I was showcasing the pics & vids available on the newsgroups. Before I started to shoot my own productions. As you can see, life is a circle and now the end if coming for me, I came back to the source spreading my archives for free … happy you like all those latex memories with Mina and Ana√Įs. You can’t be wrong with these two lovely women !

    1. thank you Miss … indeed, that’s a long time we are connected you and me. I still have in mind the nice words and good advices that you gave to me when I got cancer. You told me there would be some good and bad days, and it’s true. I now try to manage this different rythm of life even if my frustration is still strong. I’m happy you still have a look to my work ūüôā I also hope everything is okay on your side. Take care of you …

  2. Hi Jerome,

    Like the others who have commented, I love your work, it is one of the inspirations for my own delving into Bondage and Latex with photography! Your work with ana√Įs, mina and co are brilliant and I was following you during the Captive Culture days when those sites sadly disappeared and you became unwell. Im glad you are doing okay, having been through something similar I know it is difficult, but finding this site and seeing all the old images flooding back was wonderful and I imagine it is a relief to you to see your work bring joy again. You inspired a lot of people and no one can take that away!

    As for a particular video/image, you did one that is always in my mind! Ana√Įs was wearing the straightjacket purple latex catsuit and was gagged. What I always remember is her eyeshadow was done in a panda way which combined with her red hair and purple latex, looked incredible. There is a video where she was vibed during that shoot and it is so good, it remains in my head to this day!

    1. thanks for your feedback … indeed, because of your own life, you understood that making my work alive is important to me. I like to share it, think some people discover it or, like you, get their old memories coming back. I like to bring some emotions : it was also my goals with my models and all the people who enjoyed my pics & vids through the years. That’s nice when I am able to exchange with some of those viewers who still love my work after all these years. About the session you’re talking about, I remember it, we did something around the mental illness using a metal gag and the magic wand as therapy. I should have a look to this photo series and bring it online on the blog … adding the short video clips shots in the end !

      1. Im glad that your blog has reignited your old memories too and its wonderful that you have found a way to relive the emotions of those times and share it with us! Im glad to see lots more comments too, with more fans and bdsm photography admirers coming through to share their stories of how your art impacted them.

        I didn’t realise that the photo session I mentioned was about mental health! That was quite apt in a way, as like how we’ve discussed, bdsm and the pleasure found through that expression has helped heal mental pain, relive the better times and remember our emotions. If one was to analyse it, you could say that Ana√Įs being bound in the catsuit beyond her control represents our stuggles of the present, the gag is the loss of old ways of communication, but her pleasure in that moment through the vibe represents how she escapes that physical stuggle into emotional bliss.

        What I’m trying to say is that all Art is subjective, but the meaning we find is powerful, and while your art does titilate (Ana√Įs’ panda eyes where my first thought in my first messagd), it also speaks to us too on that deeper level, which commands the love that your fans have for your work.

        1. It would have been easier to understand the mental health context if we would have been able to shoot in one hospital or medical room but because I was doing everything in my small house, we had to use my white walls only. You’re right about the evolution of our world … I’m old now, we have never been so connected however I have the feeling to be alone, more than when I was younger without internet or even cell phones. Most of people lost their ability to communicate each others and that’s sad … talking is so important for the humans. Anyway, thank you again for your feedback. Don’t hesitate to do it again on some others photo series that you could like, I’m always happy to read and reply to comments like yours. It gives me the energy needed to continue. I like to share my archives but, sometimes, I have the feeling that’s useless. I mainly do it because I need it to escape from my reality. I went back on the social networks several months ago now and I like to see comments in my queue. It gives me something cool to do and make me think to something else than my health issues or the state of our crazy world.

  3. jG, I’m sorry I hadn’t said more lately – my RL is a bigger mess than before, thanks to adding a divorce and Medicare on top of everything else.

    Yes, I very much like your work, and I’m sorry your health hasn’t let you get back to it….

    1. Don’t be sorry mate … I know better than no one this kind of problem with medicare isn’t a good time ! I remember when my rights have been cancelled after the shutdown of my company. It makes me loose several months before we have been able to search and find my cancer when my medicare has been active again. Sorry to read you have to deal with a divorce too … keep fighting, I hope better days for you and come back when you can !

  4. Hello J√©r√īme,
    D√©finitivement “fan” de tout ton univers.
    Un (énorme) faible pour Mina avoué et assumé.
    Nostalgie furtive pour les Shibari School.

    1. Merci JG … comment ne pas avoir un faible pour Mina, plus encore lorsqu’on l’a rencontr√©e comme tu as pu le faire en venant aux Shibari School. Je garde un souvenir malgr√© tout agr√©able de ces r√©unions sans pr√©tention pendant lesquelles j’accueillais celles et ceux qui voulaient en savoir plus sur le shibari, avant que celui-ci ne devienne l’objet d’une mode pour les uns et d’un business pour les autres. Nous avons connu ce parfum d’√©cole buissonni√®re d’un autre temps !

  5. this one did not realize you were the rigger when it followed you here – it is absolutely a wonderful collaboration between you darling model, wonderful tie and exhibiting her to perfection – you are amazing AND your generosity in sharing your work in welcomed and very much enjoyed

    1. thank you Vickie … indeed, I am the photographer and also the rigger. I really appreciate your feedback and that’s nice to see you like my work. I wish you a nice day and feel free to leave more comments when you have something to share with me or for any question or request.

  6. Hi Jerome, I have loved your work for many years; the technique of your ropes, the colours you use and the settings of the photography, and the stunning models you capture. You are a true master of moments and a big inspiration in my life… I am grateful, many thanks <3

    1. thank you for those words … I loved to capture those moments and tried to it nicely, that’s nice to know there are still some people loving my work after all these years !

  7. I adore your work! It’s just incredible! All the different straitjackets sets you have are by far my favorite!

  8. Hi Jerome,
    thank you for your great work.
    I follow you so many years.. captiveculture, latextculture member and so on.
    I miss the old days with Mina and Dana…
    Wish you the best !

    1. thank you Chris … I think we all miss the good old time ! I remember the first session with Mina, Dana was there. I drove back the two girls to Paris late in the evening. Yes, I was younger, in a better state and all this was cool !

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