220-01 archive session

220-01 archive session

210 images starring Vivian Ireene Pierce
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2005, October 14 : Vivian Ireene Pierce visited Paris for the second time. 15 months after our first session, we organized two days of shooting … let’s share the photo series which started this another collaboration. But, before to talk about this set shot for Lady Femdom, let me explain that a lot of things happened since the first trip of Vivian … my work evolved and changed during that year. I worked with Rachel Paine and Michael Viking. I shot Kumi Monster, Kittie Klaw and also met two models you perfectly know : Mina + Anaïs. I became a little bit obsessed by the production of new content for my websites : the planning was highly organized at this period and I probably forgot that human are not machines me neither. Beyond the pressure inherent in any business, I was also working to enhance my photography and take my distance with the style of my early years. I wasn’t only focused onto glamour bondage anymore, I have been influenced by the art of kinbaku and I was trying to capture more intense and real situations. Beside the wish and need to produce a better content for my three websites, I also had to manage the situation of Dana. She was my main model and assistant for almost 3 years. During that summer,  Dana and I decided that she would stop being my assistant : it has been one major change for our shooting days. I thought that Diva could replace Dana but it didn’t work. That essential role has been successfully taken later by Anaïs but, the problem is I didn’t have my right hand beside me for those sessions with Vivian. All this partially explain the reason why these two shooting days have been more complicated than our first time together. I wasn’t in the good mood for shooting and that’s was probably my fault. Because Vivian was living in the USA, we only exchanged some emails and our level of communication wasn’t perfect. She was also coming to Paris for my friend Alain who had a crush for Vivian. My mistake has been not taking the lead as usual. Maybe because our collaboration was a trade and not a paid shoot as previously. Or because it’s not so easy to work with your best friend and photo assistant who has also connected me with Vivian Ireene Pierce. Back to the photo series now … as a started, we decided to use one new and narrow shooting configuration using two black screens as background. As explained previously, I wanted to shoot some darker scenes with a better contrast and this set with Vivian has been a nice surprise for me. We got a nice result using her own PVC clothes. I think she was only wearing one hot pants from my collection … her style was perfect for a dominant woman : this corset was looking beautiful and she got the good idea to mix one fishnet pantyhose with her nice boots. We shot one of those sets produced for my third website called Lady Femdom : one Mistress alone and some points or view or actions suggesting there is a submissive somewhere. No need to say that Vivian modeled perfectly which is always difficult when you are alone and the space available for shooting is too small. We didn’t have a lot of angles but the photo series propose several nices shots that I am happy to repost today in SD quality only. Unfortunately, I don’t have any better version to propose : there are almost all the pics we captured, even the ones with some imperfections and that old LF watermark on every image. This set has been oublished like this a long time ago … I noticed the loss of those pictures when Vivian asked me recently one back-up of the edited files provided after she came back to the US. I still have the original pictures but that would be too much for to edit it again. After this first set, I gave my camera to Alain : I knew that he loved to shoot Vivian. I wouldn’t say there was some romance in the air but we could talk about seduction, they were into their own bubble shooting together. Even if Vivian was looking very nice, I had some doubts about the evolution of this set starting like a glamour or fashion photo session. So, I didn’t want to act like the boss and decided to let them shoot the kind of pictures they love for a while. Until I had to explain this second photo series was dedicated to Captive Culture and required more restraint to please our members. Of course, because I am not the guy who talks nicely, my attitude has been a bit harsh. And there was no Dana or Anaïs to calm me down or drive Vivian and Alain back on the right way. After all these years, I can say the role of model’s assistant is very important. She’s not only there to dress or make-up the girl, she’s like a trooper who knows what to do and how to act for the team. Of course, it broke the harmony of this afternoon and that’s one my regrets about this second collaboration with Vivian. You know that I always try to get one smile on the face of my models while we shoot. That’s a small issue but I wanted to mention and explain what happened that day. I don’t have anything bad to say about Vivian : she was still working like a professional model. She brought a lot of clothes in her suitcase and was looking beautiful with her perfect make-up and hairstyle. That’s something I really appreciated when we worked together one year before. But her philosophy and limits were now too vanilla for me … my productions moved to the kinky side since our first shooting together and it was difficult for me to way back taking some “old school” pictures. Later, I analyzed the situation because it worried me and I understood why this second collaboration didn’t work as expected. Vivian was simply looking for glamour bondage like we did in the past while I was already exploring another universe which was more explicite and less artificial. Anyway, we talked about it in the middle of the second photo series and we found a way to produce the appropriate content for Captive Culture. Later, we ended the day with a full suspension for the third set. After this, we went to the restaurant and enjoyed the good time. 48 hours later, Vivian came back for our second day focused on rope bondage. It has been a nice afternoon, more relax than the first one but I will tell you more releasing another photo series related to this trip in Paris. As usual, click on the download icon to watch those pictures, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice time !


shot on 2005, October 12
published on Lady Femdom


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  1. She´s indeed a beauitiful model and that´s a nice photo set but I´m missing the authentic feeling of the model like the charisma of Eskarina. Thank you for your photography!

    1. I understand what you mean … the photo session is also what the model is. Vivian was experienced and had no problem with my lens while Eskarina were not used to be shot. It creates a real difference in their own approach of the session. That’s also the beauty of photography, there are multiple variations on the same theme …

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