221-02 archive session

221-02 archive session

255 images starring Vivian Ireene Pierce
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2005, October 14 : Vivian Ireene Pierce went to Paris for the second time. One year after our first meeting, we organized two days of shooting. Let’s share another archive session related to the last photo series we did. As you can see on the preview picture, the background is different from the white walls I was used to shoot before. As explained in a previous post, I was working on the way to change my photography at this period. I had the feeling to do something wrong mixing bondage with a cold atmosphere. That’s why I decided to try several new configurations. We tested a red curtain as background and the contrast was looking nice. Before, I was used to bring a lot of lights in the room and I needed to feel free to move everywhere. But, with more experience, I noticed it was far better to use less lighting units and shoot closer from the model. Of course, it wasn’t easy to do the right framing and the pictures were more static. That’s how my photography evolved later focusing on the action and ropework to create one dynamic without moving too much and less strange angles. In the end of this session, I did some nice pics turning off one one light unit … that’s something I tested two times before and I thought this could be a good idea. Indeed, with this kind of shooting configuration, the directional lighting was giving the “deep shadows” effect that I was looking for a long time. Because I wasn’t sure about the result after editing, I continued the session with all the lights on but I knew the evolution was on the way. I did a similar set with Dana several weeks later which is also on my blog : you can check this photo series 227-01 browsing the related links below. Vivian was looking nice but I wasn’t in a good mood for shooting. If you want to know more, please read my commentary about the archive session 220-01 … we did some nice pictures and this last set is closer than I was expecting for my second time with Vivian. For the little story, she was wearing her own corset and the stockings have been brought by our friend Alain who is an expert in nylons. That’s all for now, I wish you a nice week-end … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip that archive file on your device and enjoy these pictures.

shot on 2005, October 14
published on Captive Culture


220-01 archive session


photo series 227-01

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