photo series 227-01

photo series 227-01

100 images starring Dana
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Back in 2005, November 26 : one of the last photo series with Dana. As explained previously commenting the Halloween session shot one month before, our collaboration was going down since a while and we stopped working together without talking about it. Since the summer, Dana was shooting less regularly because she wasn’t my assistant anymore. She also tried to model for some others producers including James Bertoni that I introduced to she. Unfortunately, she was expecting something else and realized that wasn’t so easy to book her planning. 2005 has been a long year for Dana … we did a lot of photo series with several guests like Kumi Monster and Kittie Klaw and, of course, the memorable sessions with Rachel Paine. At this period, Dana reached her own limits : she wasn’t totally free to go beyond those limitations because of her lover. She had a kinky side but she also had to deal with her life : that’s something we can all understand. Even if Dana wasn’t at home every week-end like before, we were still exchanging some emails : she was tired about the local fetish scene and being a model. We started to lost the contact after the winter holidays. That’s maybe better because I think both of us didn’t know how to conclude our long adventure : for 3 years, Dana gave a lot to Captive Culture and we have built a lot of memories together. That day, I did some very good pictures of Dana bound to the chair in my living-room before to move in the bedroom. We use the same shooting configuration used with Vivian Ireene Pierce few weeks before. At this period, I started to play more with my lights, randomly turning off one spotlight to create some deep shadows. That’s what I did on this photo series with Dana. It was also the year of my evolution as rigger : I discovered the pleasure of binding with jute rope when Michael Viking went to Paris with Rachel Paine. Since those sessions, I was mainly using the ropes bought to my american friend but I didn’t want to use it too much. That’s why I started to collaborate with Marrow / and one of pictures of this photo series make me think that I recently got one parcel of his hemp ropes. Dana was wearing some french lingerie and nylon stockings. We started with some pin-up images before to explore the reverse prayer position again. After this, Dana went on the floor and I got the idea to build an original ropework playing with the chair. Of course, Dana was looking like a Damsel in Distress even more after I brought the red ball-gag to please her mouth. We did more pictures before to release Dana and it took me a while because there were a lot of ropes. That’s why she got a lovely attitude on the last image shot : her position on the floor wasn’t comfortable even for a warrior like Dana. We continued to play with ropes in the bedroom also using the latex bodybag but that’s another story. We got a good day shooting without any assistant. Two weeks later, Dana went back at home to shoot some images for her website. I still love one nice picture of her beautiful bum with the x-mas tree in the background. After the holidays season, we exchanged some words for the new year but the next steps are blurry in my mind. Even reading my archives, I don’t remember what happened : I continued to work as the webmaster of her website until she asked me to close it before the end of year 2006. We totally lost the contact after this shutdown. I think that she needed to turn the page like a lot of models going back to the normal life. I hope she’s happy now, far away from the fetish scene. I never forgot this talented model & lovely woman : I wish you will also keep Dana in your memory as the first professional bondage model in France … twenty years ago ! As usual, I hope you will like those pictures. Click on the download icon to save this archive on your device, uncompress that .zip file and enjoy the watch !


shot on 2005, November 26
published on Captive Culture


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  1. The latex sleepsack isn’t really to my taste, but the ropework here is interesting in its minimalism. Thanks for sharing.

    1. happy you like it … yes, I wanted something simple but which would be visible through the semi-transparent latex. I like the first pics with the bodybag but not after, Dana wasn’t looking nice trapped into this rubber cell which was really too big for her tiny body.

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