236-01 behind the scenes

236-01 behind the scenes

more about the session …
Mina laughing about one of my jokes


It’s time to share more “behind the scenes” about this session with Mina and Anaïs … no need to talk about it, you probably already know the photo series and video files. Today, you will get more than pics downloading the zip archive because I have also included the backstage videos shot that day. In the first one, Anais had to fix one make-up issue on Mina : I took some pictures while my camcorder was still recording. Second video has been captured when Anais dances for Mina while I shoot the scene using my digital camera. I think we did it again just after for the final footage used for the movie. Third one is a short moment while we spoke together about one question … do we have to keep the blouse open or closed ? I asked her opinion to Mina and this exchange was perfect for our “behind the scenes” feature ! I think there is no need to give more explanations, if you want to know more about the session, I invite you to check my commentary on the realated link available on the bottom page. As always, I hope you’ll like to watch those pics & vids.

Try not to laugh again Mina !

Anaïs fixing one make-up issue

Anaïs tries to remove some lipstick

Mina watching Anaïs … so lovely !

Our session is over, no more corset

Let’s capture those marks of corset

Body prints of the corset on Mina


shot on 2006, February 04
published on Captive Culture

photo series 236-01

2 Replies to “236-01 behind the scenes”

    1. Don’t forget there is rarely unpublished content on this blog … my goal is to bring back online some archives which have been available into Captive Culture and Latex Culture member’s area. So, I am not surprised you already knew some of those pics who have also been posted on DA or previous blog long time ago.


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