photo series 236-01

photo series 236-01

120 images starring Anaïs + Mina
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We made this session on year 2006 when I was used to organize hot sessions with Mina and Anaïs : the two girls appreciated being together in front of my camera. I did something very simple with classy clothes and a color harmony between red and black. I had no assistant then I had to share my time to take pictures and record the action on video. That session has been hot and is one of my best memories shooting for Captive Culture. I love when things are easy and I must say the whole action is simple but damned efficient. Mina got tight elbows in the back and a strict corset by Voller’s. One pair of opera gloves helped to give a classy touch to her clothes … that’s why I dressed Anaïs with sexy and elegant lingerie too. It was a nice idea to use black clothepins : Anaïs enjoyed to play with her friend nipples while they were pinched ! I also remember we spoke about the script with Anaïs few days before : she got the idea about the strip-tease, she wanted to try this difficult exercise. I told her to choose a song for the strip and she took “closer” by nine inch nails … that was a good choice and we did the strip two times. One time for the pictures, the other one for the video. I use this method sometimes when I am unable to shoot video and photos at the same time. My movie duration is 33 minutes long but, in fact, we took more time to do everything. If you are curious, you can check the exif informations from the pictures, you will notice Mina elbows have been tied for almost one hour. I hope you will enjoy those old pictures and wish you a nice week-end !


shot on 2006, February 04
published on Captive Culture


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  1. Love this set, and the dynamic shown between the two models. The armbinder tie looks amazing, and corsets have always been a thing for me. Basically perfection 😀

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