photo series 340-01

photo series 340-01

40 images starring Amélie
available to download


That’s a long time I didn’t post one photo series from Latex Culture. Let’s share a pin-up session I did with Amélie using one of her fetish outfits. I remember she brought this military uniform through my contact at Torture Garden clothing. Amélie discovered latex through our sessions and started to enjoy the look and feeling of this second skin. She’s not the only one who followed that way trying and exploring my collection … so many french girls wanted some latex clothes after we shot together. No need to say that catsuit was looking great on Amélie’s body. There is nothing special to mention about this set which has been done before to shoot one bondage photo series for Captive Culture. I used a shooting configuration you probably know. I am pretty sure you will like to watch those pictures … as usual, please report any broken link if you encounter any problem with your free download.

shot on 2009, November 14
published on Latex Culture


photo series 340-02


photo series 289-01

5 Replies to “photo series 340-01”

    1. What a great photoset of Amélie in shiny and transparent latex on every curve.She seems to have joined the latex army😊. She looks beautiful. And that gorgeuos smile! Thank you!


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