photo series 296-02

photo series 296-02

75 images starring Noémie
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After one year modeling for me, it was time to suspend Noémie. Few weeks before, Noémie experienced a semi-suspension with the french rigger Philippe Boxis for a ballet show in Paris (on public place, it should be great). Her arms were free and the feeling is really different from being suspended with your arms strictly tied. After she related me this event, I decided to shoot one full suspension session for Captive Culture. Noémie did a lot of dance in the past and, as I already wrote about it, bondage is less uncomfortable for dancers. I began the set with a classic tie, tight elbows and wrists on the front side : I didn’t know if Noémie would be able to bear my suspension then I started by something else to take enough pictures. As often with suspensions, I didn’t take all pictures, managing the girl, the ropes and the important steps like the final pictures which were really interesting. My photo assistant was probably one of my fans invited to the session. I don’t have a lot of things to mention about that day, oh, yes, one funny thing : Noémie’s bra was regularly moving upside her breast during the first bondage position with her arms tied to the beam. So, we had to fix the bra position several times … mischievous lingerie ! We were also experiencing one of the first sessions made with the Nikon D300 and we had to fight with the dark/light tones rendering. We finally spent a cool afternoon working together. At the result, Noémie lived her first full suspension in good conditions and discovered the physical challenge required by this exercise. I hope you will appreciate to download and watch those pictures … see you next time !

shot on 2008, February 16
published on Captive Culture


photo series 308-01

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  1. Love the joy on her face throughout this set. The rope bondage is lovely, particularly the chest harness. Great work as always, thank you for sharing 🙂

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