photo series 308-03

photo series 308-03

55 images starring Mina
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Let’s start with some words about the camera rendering : I told a lot of bad things about the recent Nikon’s stuff since I got my D300, sounds like it works correctly with low light … even if there are strange textures in the dark areas, the result is good and better than our previous sessions. After two photo series, we ended the day with this short set. I decided to build a simple but efficient ropework for Mina : arms tied in the back, tight elbows and waist. You can’t really notice it on those pictures but Mina arrived at home with her natural hair color and I must say that’s my favorite one (and the length too) : she looks really sexy into the yellow light made with more than 50 candles. you can’t imagine how the room was hot with all these lights. that’s a good tip when you have no more electricity at home during the winter. I already did candles sessions in the past and I learn new things each time to make the result better. Furthermore the increased number of candles, I used another curtain to hide the window located above the bathtub. For the little story, I scheduled this set several weeks before and I had to cancel it because I wasn’t satisfied about the harmony between the yellow / white candles and my regular curtain. I fixed the problem and when Mina came back, all the stuff was matching together. I think you will love several portraits as you should like the wet skin of Mina standing up in the bath. Several years later, I’m still happy about those pics … enjoy !


shot on 2008, August 23
published on Captive Culture


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