photo series 318-02

photo series 318-02

85 images starring Noémie + Graziella
available to download


I brought two nice women in the bathroom for you … let’s see how Noémie teased Graziella for her first duo with another girl in this water bondage session. You will recognize my lighting : I used a similar one with Mina in 2008 and a lot of people enjoyed the use of candles. However, I found the right way to get more light with a toy for geek … lot of photographers would be surprised about some of my ideas to shoot but this one is definately a good one. So, adding two led units, I have been able to get more details in middle tones. I wanted a warm atmosphere for this first duo between Graziella and another woman. No need to introduce Noémie, the tatooed girl … I changed my planning and I did a latex photo set with she before to use the same setting for this series. Graziella started with tight elbows in the back as you like ! Noémie was able to tease her partner and play the dominant woman. No doubt you will appreciate the curves of those bodies enhanced by a wet skin effect … these two girls have beautiful bums and nice boobs : it was a good idea to shoot them together. Graziella was expecting something more explicite but they enjoyed to share this foaming bath … I hope you will like to watch the whole set which would be easier to shoot nowadays with the evolution of digital cameras. When I captured the scene, it was difficult to get a picture without too much noise in such condition. But the result is pretty cool for my old Nikon D300 … that’s a long time I didn’t use it. Anyway, that’s another story. I wish you a nice week-end !

shot on 2009, January 24
published on Captive Culture


photo series 343-02

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