photo series 299-02

photo series 299-02

80 images starring Amélie
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That day, Amélie discovered multiple restraints simultaneously being bound and gagged … do you like latex catsuit, strict corset, rope bondage and ball-gag harness ? Enjoy ! This series has been shot during a cool afternoon focused on rope bondage. after a japanese style set, I decided to work with nylon ropes. We took the catsuit to hide the ropemarks from the previous session and, of course, it was a good idea because Amélie looks nice dressed in latex. I had no photo assistant on this shooting, only one guest who visited us. At this period, Antoine Savalski wasn’t a rope artist yet, he was only one of my followers on Flickr. He was curious to know more about my work and I had in mind to teach him some tips for another collaboration. But, because Amélie didn’t know him, I managed the ropes alone to avoid any problem with my model. I didn’t use nylon ropes since a long time but the result wasn’t so bad. It was looking good even if my ropes were moving on the latex catsuit which was slippery. That’s why I used an unusual figure for the breast bondage. I increased the restraint adding a muzzle-gag harness : amazing ball-gag under the leather panel which gives a unique look to the tied girl. I do bet you appreciate to see Amélie like this … you can imagine her feeling about the situation : comfortable but unescapable ! As you can guess on the preview picture, Amélie was tied to the wall. She was exhausted in the end … the heat was high in the photo studio and Amélie was sweating into her latex catsuit. But we had a nice time and decided to explore heavy rubber and total enclosure within the future.


shot on 2008, March 22
published on Captive Culture


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