photo series 269-02

photo series 269-02

160 images starring Angelina
available to download


Here is a photo series we shot after a long latex session. It was one of those days where everything seems complicated and a more difficult than usual. I decided to do something simple using the following equation : dress one nice woman with a sexy outfit, add some ropes and give her some pain and pleasure. Initially, we did it like a small set but we got more pictures than expected. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied about the contrast between my model and the background. But you know, I am a little bit maniac with details. I think you’ll love those pictures anyway. I still appreciate to use this amazing muzzle gag harness which looks made to please Angelina.

shot on 2006, December 17
published on Captive Culture


photo series 269-01


photo series 299-02

4 Replies to “photo series 269-02”

  1. Hi,
    thanks for your amazing work.
    Ist a bit funny, the Shooting was 12/2006, but the watermark shows 2007.

    How long did you modified the Pictures (assuming Photoshop or similar)
    I think fixing the last details is even more effort than the shooting itself, right?

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    1. In this case, I think that’s my mistake. Usually, each photo series is watermarked adding the year of production. I was used to do this because I wanted to show the evolution of my work trough the years. That’s something I wasn’t doing in the early years and it was creating a problem to understand why some old pics were not looking good enough. About this session with Angelina shot on December, I probably forgot the real date of shooting when I started to edit each image for the website update (whih was often published several weeks or months after the shooting). I probably thought it has been done on January … and yes, you’re right, photoshop editing was the main part of my work. I was spending a lot of time to enhance the contrast and sharpness of my original pictures which were not boosted by all the AI available nowadays. Usually, one set required at least 2 hours to be shot and 6 hours to be edited. It could have been worse if I had to edit the skin of my models which is something I never did (and some of them doesn’t like my work because of this fact) … I was trying to bring the situation on your screen like I lived it as the photographer.


  2. That´s a funny and beautiful photoset. Angelina looks cute with her smile and the purple rope gives a nice contrast and restriction. She looks gorgeous with this ball gag harness (a really nice accessory for her 😊). Thank you!

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    1. Thank you Chris … there are some good pics in this set, my favorites are also the ones with the ball-gag harness. It was looking perfect on Angelina !


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