photo series 269-01

photo series 269-01

155 images starring Angelina
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Back in 2006 : we decided to start our shooting day in my bedroom to mix the pin-up style with latex restraint. Angelina was, like a lot of models, always happy to wear some nice lingerie. I bought it with Diva when we visited the Agent Provocateur shop in London one year before. I wanted something classy for this photo series and we got a nice contrast with the black satin sheets. I think Angelina did her make-up and hair style and that was matching nicely with that lingerie. Before to play with latex, we did a lot of pin-up images of Angelina on the bed … we tried several positions and angles before to introduce some restraint with one pair of handcufss. It was our transition before to bring one latex bodybag that we used for the first time. I already had one which was too large and I did another custom order to House of Harlot. I wanted one purple bodybag without any hole for the mouth : as usual, Robin Archer did a nice work even we got some troubles with several others items in this order. They had to make it again and we had to wait for several weeks before being able to shoot it. So, I am not wrong, I organized this photo series to offer the perfect playground to this purple bodybag. I was sure the contrast with the black sheets would be perfect to capture some good pictures … what do you think about it ? I still love the preview image but that’s true shooting a bodybag isn’t so easy. It looks great using some angles or positions but that’s also too large sometimes. Anyway, I remember that Angelina was a little bit anxious about the concept of latex enclosure. She discovered it for the first time and, of course, she was happy to be released after a while being trapped into the latex bodybag … mainly because the heat was on the top into the bedroom with my two light units. Like always with latex, it’s cold when you dig into but, after few minutes, the temperature of your body is catched by this unique material. Angelina enjoyed the enclosure for 30 minutes, the time for me to catch enough pictures for our photo series. I still had in mind my session with Dana who got bound into my first bodybag the year before : it helped me to choose the best angles even if everything isn’t perfect. I hope you will like to watch those pictures … as usual, click on the download icon, unzip the archive on your device and have a nice time ! For the little story, after this photo series, we moved to shoot in my living-room. Do you remember Angelina bound with the muzzle-gag harness ? If you missed it, check the related link below and have a look to this another set … it has been one kinky afternoon for Angelina !

shot on 2006, December 17
published on Latex Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 269-01”

  1. Angelina is beautiful. Especially in the tight hugging latex bodybag literally covered from heat to toe it´s an amazing view. And purple is such an amazing color for latex.


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