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As you know, this blog started after the shutdown of my websites when I was recovering from cancer … slowly, I bring back my archives online and still try to propose a better browsing experience. I also have to deal with some limitations using and some others tools to run my blog. That’s why my pics & vids are available to download as compressed archives. Some of you told me they would like to browse the photo series directly on the blog. Unfortunately, that’s not an option because my productions are for adults and could break the WordPress content policy. I prefer to limit the risk splitting what you see between different services like Mega or MediaFire. However, I thought about it and got the following idea.


I worked on a way to preview the photo series adding one magnifying glass icon. Basically, one link to a large image with the thumbnails for each blog entry posted in the “images” category. You will find this icon under my commentary : if you click on it, a new tab will be opened to display all the pics available into the zip archive. I decided to host it on expecting the censorship won’t strike me again. So, you can preview each photo series before to click on the download icon. I think there are only few people who will use this new function but I am happy to propose that option to them. As usual, please report any broken link or problem : I have manually created and added the preview to 127 photo series then one mistake is always possible.

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  1. Merci Jerome pour tout ton travail et ton désir de nous enchanter de ton travail et de ton art.

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