photo series 259-01

photo series 259-01

60 images starring Mina
available to download


Back in 2006, I wanted to shoot a sequel about “the pleasure chair” video I did with Anaïs few months before. No background, simply my pink chair and another lovely victim. That time, I asked to Anaïs being the vibrator expert playing with Mina. I recorded the action on video but we were more focused on the pictures. Unfortunately, no photo assistant was there to help and I had to manage my ropes and the camera. So, I didn’t take enough pictures to satisfy my “hard to please” mind … At this period, I was still using white walls and it was a mistake to dress Mina with white lingerie : my camera sensor got some problems with those light tones. Anyway, it’s probably a detail for you and I guess that your eyes will be catched by the distress of Mina. After some pin-up shots, I started a strict bondage adding tight elbows to an evil arm position behind the chair’s back. Mina was stuck on the chair and there was no escape after one rope has been added to suspend her right leg in the air … and another rope around her neck ! Oh yes, you begin to understand her feeling about the level of restraint. I love the idea about a suspended leg moving in the air. In the opposite way, I completely bound her other leg to the chair, using some ties to arch her left foot. Then came troubles with Anaïs bringing the hitachi magic wand. I told her she could keep her casual clothes, she appears on two pictures only, the lens was focused on Mina, bound and helpless. After 40 minutes, it was time to untie Mina’s arms. We got some beautiful rope marks and skin color (you should love the picture taken with those details) then we spoke about another bondage position to continue her sweet torture. I let you discover which was the final posiion browsing the whole photo series. As usual, I hope you will enjoy those pictures : you can now preview the content of my zip archive clicking on the magnifying glass icon available after this commentary. If you like it, use the download icon on the top, save the file on your device, uncompress and enjoy the watch. If you want to see more, please check the related links below : you will find the photo series of Anaïs tied on the pink chair and another set captured the day before with Mina bound, vibed and suspended … it was really a kinky week-end for the lovely french girl !

shot on 2006, July 08
published on Captive Culture


photo series 258-01


photo series 245-01

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    1. I guess you’re right … in theory, I should have some video files, maybe we will get more informations watching the scene through the camcorder !


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