the first session with Mina

Back in December 2004 : Mina contacted me several weeks before and I was happy to schedule our first session together. She was 22 years old and modeling for one year : at this period, her red color was pretty unique on the local scene. She didn’t have any tattoo yet, only her piercing. I wasn’t a fan about her bright hair style but she was so cute than I never thought we couldn’t work together. Mina also had the advantage to know the pleasure of ropes. She has been bound several times and her body was perfect for the strict ties I love to do. Mina is one of the girls that I met who was really into rope bondage : she was loving it and that was amazing to bind her. We talked about it together several times, Mina wasn’t only looking for ropes, she was also in the seek of restraint. And that’s why she loved to be a one of my models, the ropeworks were nice but not only, Mina wanted to experience tight & unescapable bondage

The end of the year was approaching and I was still shooting photo series focused on seasonal events. So, Mina has been shot with a background made for christmas … and this lovely girl was a beautiful gift to tie ! Mina did several years of ballet dance when she was younger : I started to explore her skills with tight elbows in the back before to spread her legs wide on the floor. She was totally comfortable in strict bondage and it was easy to get a lot of fun together. Dana, who was there as my assistant, noticed the flexibility and strength of Mina : she didn’t think we would shoot so many sessions with this girl living in South France. We had to deal with that distance between us but each trip was a chance to organize another week-end in Paris. I also liked to work with she because of her personality : Mina is like a candy, always nice with you but without faking it. That’s why we kept the contact after she decided to stop modeling on 2010. Years after years, we did some better sessions and Mina explored many situations and trusted me enough to discover several kinky games. I know the pictures & movies we did together helped Mina to be known outside our country : she deserved to become a well-known bondage model all around the world. I am proud to be the photographer and rope artist behind her best bondage memories … like this first photo series we finished with a surprising suspension. I remember that Mina told me “I never do suspension when I don’t know the rigger” : after two hours in my ropes, she forgot this rule and accepted to try the idea I had in mind. As you can see on the last shot, she enjoyed the situation !

After this long & good bondage time, we started a second photo series. Dana suggested something we were unable to do properly. Finally, I did a quick ropework exploring the reverse prayer position. Mina was wearing some sexy lingerie and she was looking nice like this. I don’t have a lot of things to say about this set : I only remember we finished late in the evening. I drove back the girls to Paris where Mina was used to sleep when she was able to organize a trip for shooting. We had to wait almost six months before to see her again … but each visit was the chance to play with ropes for one or two days. I noticed how Mina changed through those six years shooting together : her body of course, but also and mainly her nature. Mina was very shy but she learned to be an amazing lady able to catch your attention. She also increased her modeling skills and became able to play several roles. I met a lot of models and their evolution is rarely positive … for Mina, that’s different : she was working on her weak points all the time. That’s how you can enhance your qualities without changing your nature. At the result, Mina became a beautiful woman & talented model : she was able to share a lot of emotion through her eyes and face expression and that’s why she has so many fans. I know most of them would be also amazed by her personality : she wasn’t shooting to be famous but for having while she was bound. I am happy that some of you still remember Mina after all these years … she totally deserves to be loved. Thanks again Miss !


shot on 2004, December 07
published on Captive Culture

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  1. Thanks for this Memories.. Mina is awesome!
    Can you post your memories of the first shoot with Dana?

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