photo series 328-01

photo series 328-01

80 images starring Mina
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Two days before, we visited some friends living outside Paris … that afternoon, Mina was back at home and I had plans for the sexy french girl, one glamour bondage session. That’s strange : sometimes, I need several hours to find an idea to create a nice set and, others days, this idea comes easily. As I told to Mina while I was taking pictures, I had the feeling to shoot a good photo series. I had no doubt about it before : this yellow and warm lighting always worked … so could I do something wrong with one lovely woman like Mina ? I gave her some fine lingerie matching with the dark tones : white garter-belt and nylon stockings were perfect in these conditions ! We started with some pin-up shots before rope bondage : I used another method to tie her arms in the back and I loved the result. So, I continued and made a really strict tie for Mina’s breast … I didn’t want to make a symmetrical work then I only compressed one of her boobs … be sure the ropes were really tight : I pinched Mina several times to finish my rope work ! After those arms and tits, I took her garter-belt and g-string off … in the beginning, I wanted to shoot the whole series with the stockings only but I changed my plans adding a first part with the full lingerie set (except the bra) : it was a better story to show. Mina took some erotic postures before to be completely immobilized : I tied her knees and legs together and linked them to the breast ropes. Mina was unable to move and I increased her feeling adding one rope around her eyes … I even gagged with a scarf. As a bonus, I shot some images after Mina has been untied : you should appreciate the ropemarks and my last pictures ! Nowadays, I am still proud of this session, we got a nice time together and the result was really good.

shot on 2009, June 02
published on Captive Culture


photo series 327-01


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