french maid

french maid video

78 minutes starring Eve + Dana
available to download


Back in time with a long footage focused on latex fetish … I remember we got a problem with this session but I am unsure about it. Probably too many bad pictures taken by the assistant while I was busy with my camcorder. We had to do a second day of shooting in the appartment I was used to rent at this period. We decided to exploit this fact to shoot another maid cleaning session on video but, this time, I took the pictures with a static camcorder filming the action. That’s why the video is splitted in two different parts with Eve leaving and coming back to follow the instructions of Dana. The two girls always enjoyed to work together and it helped to keep Eve smiling while she was cleaning the floor on her knees. As you probably know, she was wearing the fantastic latex uniform made by House of Harlot (UK) … beautiful maid outfit we used several times for Captive Culture and Latex Culture. We explored different situations focused on the Mistress teasing her french maid. I know the video is a bit long and soft but you should like some scenes. As usual, your feedback would be appreciated. Don’t be shy, leave a comment … thank you !

two hard days for Eve

Working as the maid isn’t always easy … even more when
you are paid by a sadistic & lazy bitch watching your ass !

Eve doesn’t have a lot of experience but she’s a nice maid
wearing the latex uniform requested by the dominant lady
giving lot of orders. Two days with Miss Dana. Yummy !

shot on 2003, September 15
published on Latex Culture

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