latex day

latex day video

59 minutes starring Dana
available to download


17 years ago, we shot this video with Dana thinking about the fetish movies which was popular at this period. Latex is everywhere nowadays but things were different before. On 2004, most of the fetish videos were focused on the love of latex and that’s also the only way to explore when you one model only. So, we tried to explore the following idea : Dana coming back at home after a day at work. Of course, as often in a fetish fantasy, she was wearing some latex lingerie under her daily clothes. We started with Dana getting out of a car driven and owned by my assistant and friend Alain. She walked and crossed the street to enter in my courtyard and went upstairs to relax at home. Okay, I must say that’s not the best of my videos but we got so much fun filming it … I shot a lot of behind the scenes that day ! We planned to use one laptop and we had to do the scene twice because Dana failed to open it. Lot of small things who made that shooting pretty long and exhausting. It was hot outside and even more inside with all the spotlights … we shot in three rooms and it required a lot of time before to move into the bedroom and conclude the video with some restraint using leather straps. Dana was exhausted in the end because we also took a lot of pictures while we were filming. If I am right, I post this video on the blog because there was some interesting ideas but I am not satisfied about the video. It was looking too artificial and I have never been a good movie maker. I also got the bad idea to add one repetitive music track to the final footage. That’s something I did for a while before to understand that was useless and boring for the watcher. I slowly learned photography but video is really more difficult to do properly. Later, I stopped to shoot this kind of scripted action and prefered to capture the essence of a situation when it was possible. That’s so easy to shoot two women playing together or one bound girl spanked or tickled … anyway, you see what I mean. That’s all for today !

the fetish life of Dana

Dana is back at home after a long day of work …
as usual, she was wearing latex lingerie under her clothes.

She smoke a cigarette and digged into her catsuit & corset.
Time to check messages and get a phone call before the next step :
self-bondage on the bed until the master joined her !

shot on 2004, September 09
published on Latex Culture

152-01 behind the scenes

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