photo series 317-01

photo series 317-01

65 images starring Clochette
available to download


That day, I welcomed Clochette, nice french woman who really loves restraint and physical challenges such as suspension … first shooting for Captive Culture : we started with strict bondage and several positions. Clochette was not a photo model, she’s nice and did some photo sessions for the fun. She is a bondage lover met last year during a private shibari meeting at home. I appreciated her spirit and I got the opportunity to tie her before to organize this shooting. I heard good things about Clochette through Mina and Philippe Boxis for years and it was nice to work together. She is more interested about the rope challenge than getting tons of pictures but, finally, she got twice. For this first session, I asked to my friend Alain to come. We didn’t work together since 2007 and it was nice to share another bondage session with him. I gave my camera to my friend and he took all the pictures you will watch browsing the whole set. I prepared a classic lighting and tweaked my nikon settings to make Alain’s work easier. It was also the first session for Graziella as my assistant : she did a nice make-up on Clochette and I was able to focus my mind on the ropework with this team in the photo studio. I knew Clochette wanted real restraint and bondage session then I tried to satisfy her building several positions. You will notice I didn’t work with she like I usually do with my new models because I know her skills into bondage. She was experienced and her body sounds familiar to me. Her height and weight are similar to Dana or Mina : I know how to play with that kind of shape. Then, I started with complicated stuff before to suspend Clochette. I must say it was great to make serious rope games, I am so specialized into the bondage discovery with beginners than I can’t explore lot of new things with unexperienced women. So, Clochette is definately pleasant to tie and about the result was pretty good. We worked well and got lot of fun together. After this set, we did another suspension. Clochette was tired when she arrived at home but she has been able to be bound for more than 4 hours even after one short night. That impressed me ! I hope you will appreciate to watch those pictures and wish you a nice week-end.

shot on 2009, January 10
published on Captive Culture


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2 Replies to “photo series 317-01”

  1. She is a beauty! And you can see from her eyes and smile that she seems to enjoy the rope work and the tight ropes. Thank you very much!


    1. … indeed ! Clochette is one these girls that I bound for others reasons than making pictures. She is a real bondage lover and it was nice to please her needs each time that she decided to visit my house !


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